Closed WTS Researched BPO's moros, revelation and cap component BPO's

(erectonizer) #1

Returned to EVE, have these lying around. No need for them, selling at a discount to kickstart my gameplay

Moros BPO ME9, TE14 - 3.2B - SOLD
Capital armor plates ME10 TE20 - SOLD
Capital power generator ME10 TE20 - SOLD
Capital siege array ME10 TE20 - SOLD
Capital turret hardpoint ME10 TE20 - SOLD

Got a Revelations BPO ME9, which is currently cooking some TE (10). Comes out the lab in a week. PM me in-game if your interested in that one with an offer

Fly safe

(Link AOTC) #2

Would you take 6.3B for the cap components?

(erectonizer) #3

I don’t need the full 8-8.5B these would normally go for, but 6.3B is undercutting it a little to far IMHO

7.2B and they are yours

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(Sue Narmi) #5

WTB Capital power generator ME10 TE20

(erectonizer) #6

See ingame message

(Shelby Mustang) #7

7.2b for the 4 cap caponents. Contract to me if you agree.

(erectonizer) #8

Contract is up, thx

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(Andraste Nemain) #10

will you accept 3 bill for the Moros?

(erectonizer) #11

Sorry m8, was away for a day. Yes that’s acceptable, contract is up :slight_smile:

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