WTS Capital ship BPO's

Feel free to make an offer here or eve mail me with an offer.

Capital Ship BPO’s:

1X Archon 10/18 - 2.2b
1X Phoenix 10/18 - 4b
1X Revelelation 10/18 - 4b

Daily Bump

Daily bump, inventory has been updated 29 BPO’s sold

1 Revelation, 1 Moros, and 1 Naglfar BPO SOLD inventory updated

Daily bump list updated additional BPO’s sold

Daily Bump, Inventory updated 30 more BPO’s sold

You got a ballpark figure for the Megathron mate?

Hello, I would let the Megathron BPO go for 2.7b ISK which is 150m ISK under the cheapest 10/20 on contracts. Let me know if you want it and I will throw up a contract.

Yeah sorry dude, bit outa me price range, but cheers for getting back to me quickly. Best of luck

Daily Bump, inventory updated (another 16 BPO’s sold)

Anything for 10M-40M price range?

Sorry mate, everything is over 1b ISK

Daily Bump

Price for rev and phoenix bpo?

Mail sent

How much for:

Capital Power Generator
Capital Shield Emitter
Capital Jump Drive
Capital Turret Hardpoint
Capital Siege Array
Thanatos (9/20 or 10/18 whichever is cheaper)

Hey Mate, some of those BPO’s sold on public contracts today. I have the following left:
Capital Jump Drive
Capital Turret Hardpoint
Thanatos 10/18

I would sell the three of those for 6b ISK. Let me know if you want a contract.

EDIT: Inventory Updated

6B each or 6B total? :slight_smile:

total :slight_smile:

EDIT: Lots of BPO’s just sold. Inventory has been updated. Only 36/149 remain :slight_smile:

Daily bump only 25/149 left :slight_smile: