WTS Capital BPOs Parts & Ships *Prices reduced!* EVEN CHEAPER!

Moros 9/12 3B

Capital Armor 10/18 1.7B
Capital power generator 10/20 1.8B

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WTB 1 Archon and 1 Nidhoggur for 6b

contract up

Acept thx for service

ill take the dronebay in jita, thanks

apostle and thanatos contract to jc alba plz

Contracts up

jc alba?
i will check in 3 hour

More contracts up

if 3.5b for revelation YOU can contract to me

Stand up fire blog and the cargo hanger bays put contract to fransena Crimson

I assume you meant corp hanger, contract up


Half of stock gone, get yours now before it is too late!

ill take the computer

id take the turret for a reasonable price that’s not 3.9b if you’re interested

the computer bpo contract is up what were you thinking for the turret?

id offer 2.8b

still for sale