(Winthorp) #1

All BPO’s are located in Jita 4-4.

Prices are firm unless you are buying a great deal of them.

Post here or mail me to purchase.

(Atridies) #2

Price for all? Edit without the revs or rorqual

(Winthorp) #3

Mail sent.

(Atridies) #4

That mail you sent is actually more expensive than the price of the BPO’s I asked for :smiley:

(Winthorp) #5

You seem to have miss counted but feel free to make an offer.

(Atridies) #6

With no revs or rorq the total price was 191.1 I believe…

(Bertrand Prout) #7

Hi, contract me your Phoenix ME 9 bpo please

(Winthorp) #8

Contract up Bertrand Prout

(Winthorp) #9

Contract accepted, sheet updated.

(Winthorp) #10


(Admiral Mason) #11

ME 9 Rev and Thanny 8.5

(Winthorp) #12

Contract up

(Winthorp) #13

Contract accepted, sheet updated.

(CynoBiash) #14

1x Rorqual 8b
2x Capital Drone Bay 1.35
1x Capital Armor Plates 2
1x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 2.1
1x Capital Power Generator 2.2
1x Capital Shield Emitt 2.2
1x Capital Sensor Cluster 1.7

All for 18b?

(Winthorp) #15


(CynoBiash) #16

Alright, please contract it over :wink:

(Winthorp) #17

Contract up, will update sheet once accpeted

(CynoBiash) #18

Will accept when home after work today.

(Winthorp) #19


(Winthorp) #20

Contract was accepted and the sheet has been updated.