All BPO’s are located in Jita 4-4.

Prices are firm unless you are buying a great deal of them.

Post here or mail me to purchase.

Price for all? Edit without the revs or rorqual

Mail sent.

That mail you sent is actually more expensive than the price of the BPO’s I asked for :smiley:

You seem to have miss counted but feel free to make an offer.

With no revs or rorq the total price was 191.1 I believe…

Hi, contract me your Phoenix ME 9 bpo please

Contract up Bertrand Prout

Contract accepted, sheet updated.


ME 9 Rev and Thanny 8.5

Contract up

Contract accepted, sheet updated.

1x Rorqual 8b
2x Capital Drone Bay 1.35
1x Capital Armor Plates 2
1x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 2.1
1x Capital Power Generator 2.2
1x Capital Shield Emitt 2.2
1x Capital Sensor Cluster 1.7

All for 18b?


Alright, please contract it over :wink:

Contract up, will update sheet once accpeted

Will accept when home after work today.


Contract was accepted and the sheet has been updated.