Following BPO’s up for sale, non negotiable prices as very close to un-researched prices. Send me a mail or reply here if you want the contract made out to you - they are also up on public

All at Jita 4-4

Capital Armor BPO - 6/12 - 1.4b - SOLD
Capital Cargo Bay BPO - 6/12 - 1b - SOLD
Capital Construction Parts BPO - 6/12 - 1.2b - SOLD
Capital Propulsion BPO - 6/12 - 1.4b - SOLD


Bump - All still available and all cheapest on contract

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2 remaining BPO’s left from the fire (sale)

Last BPO remaining - Reduced to NPC unresearched price of 925m

The NPC price of a Capital Cargo Bay BPO is 833,702,400 ISK.

ill take the cargo bay for 800m :eyes::eyes:

Price reduced to 834m :fieriparrot:

Ill do cargo bay 825.

Contact to me if you accept

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