WTS Capital parts BPO. SOLD

Capital Cargo Bay 10/20 1.1B SOLD
Capital Drone Bay 10/20 1.1B SOLD
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 2.1B SOLD

Capital Computer System 10/14 SOLD
Capital Drone Bay 10/18 SOLD
Capital Jump Drive 10/18 SOLD
Capital Sensor Cluster 10/0 SOLD
Capital Shield Emmiter 10/18 SOLD

All non-perfect bpo is only +150M to npc price.

bpo located in high sec, few jumps from Amarr
Write here or mail me ingame.

contract to me please

Thanks, contract installed.

Prices down. Not sure, peoples, who want research bpo, want this partially researched with extra payment. But +150M only, should be fine enough. Take this and save few weeks of your time.

convo me in game?

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