Sold, thanks yall


All the BPOs are located in Jita 4-4.
All cap part BPOs are 10/20
All structure part BPOs are 10/4

Hyperion 10/0
Archon 8/16
Moros 9/ 14
Lif 9/14
Ninazu 8/16
Providence 8/16

Not putting prices on these at the moment as they are quite cheap, just make an offer

What you asking for the Hype ?

2 bil work for you?

Sorry didnt realise it was at J44. Gunna have to pass as over 40j :frowning:
TY anyways and free bump

No worries. Appreciate the bump. Fyi I’m accepting turbo low balls if someone takes all of the BPOs at once

In game mail sent.

Offer accepted, contract is up. ty

Roger will review and accept once I’m off work.

Back up for sale. Buyer backed out

How much did he offer ?

15b offer

He offered 20, then adjusted to 12.5 when I accepted. I’ll do 15 @KiloAlpha I’m out of the country at the moment so it will be a couple days before I can contract them to you

Contract up Kilo

Thanks , I’ll acept later

I’d be interested in the capital parts BPOs if you’re willing to sell just those?

All have sold, thanks

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