Sold out

I have a bunch of capital parts and ship bpos i’m looking to sell, prices for each are listed. They’re all also in Jita:
Prices reduced!

Capital Drone Bay 10/20 1.8b
Capital Construction Parts 10/20 2.1b
Cap Battery 10/20 2.2b
Capital Jump Drive 10/20 2.4b
Capital Computer System 10/20 2.2b
Capital Armor Plates 10/20 2.4b
Capital Power Generator 10/20 2.5b
Capital Propulsion Engine 10/20 2.5b
Capital Sensor Cluster 10/20 2.2b
Capital Shield Emitter 10/20 2.5b
Capital Turret Hardpoint 10/14 3.9b
Capital Siege Array 10/20 2.2b
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 10/20 2.7b
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 2.4b
Moros 10/14 5.1b
Thanatos 10/18 5b

Mail or convo ingame for contracts
Offers also accepted

Daily bump

Still for sale offers welcome!

The prices are quite high, but mail me your bulk sale price and lets see if we can agree a reasonable number for all.


Sure, I have pm’d you.

Still for sale guys wanting these gone

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