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I have a bunch of capital parts and ship bpos i’m looking to sell, prices for each are listed. They’re all also in Jita:
Prices reduced!

Capital Drone Bay 10/20 1.8b
Capital Construction Parts 10/20 2.1b
Cap Battery 10/20 2.2b
Capital Jump Drive 10/20 2.4b
Capital Computer System 10/20 2.2b
Capital Armor Plates 10/20 2.4b
Capital Power Generator 10/20 2.5b
Capital Propulsion Engine 10/20 2.5b
Capital Sensor Cluster 10/20 2.2b
Capital Shield Emitter 10/20 2.5b
Capital Turret Hardpoint 10/14 3.9b
Capital Siege Array 10/20 2.2b
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 10/20 2.7b
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 2.4b
Moros 10/14 5.1b
Thanatos 10/18 5b

Mail or convo ingame for contracts
Offers also accepted

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Daily bump

(Cisco Atild) #3

Still for sale offers welcome!

(Arestes) #4

The prices are quite high, but mail me your bulk sale price and lets see if we can agree a reasonable number for all.


(Cisco Atild) #5

Sure, I have pm’d you.

(Cisco Atild) #6

Still for sale guys wanting these gone

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