WTS Caedes

Selling my Caedes, 150bil.
Located High Security space.

I will offer Hydra + 10b Liquid

Not looking for other ships, just isk thank you.

You should look for a Realistic price of prob. 20-30b less and also pretty retarded name …


couldnt agree more

If you would like to barter on a price then feel free to. I also think Dirty Camper is a retarded name :+1:

What’s wrong with 150b? Caedes isn’t worth less than a Hydra. How much longer does the Caedes have to have the status as ‘the last chance to buy a cheap AT frigate’…

would u accept a hydra + 20b?

at least my name doesnt make fun of a place where mllions of people died

Last caedes was sold for 107,5b 1month ago , one isn’t selling for 110 atm and he wants 150b vOv pay 150b and be happy ? Just pointing out that the price is nowhere close to realistic

erm where is this one that is 110? XD

Guess you found it :slight_smile:

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I am tired of persons demanding a cheap Caedes in lieu of being able to afford a Chremoas or an Imp, and sending me mails asking me for a penut price for my ones.

Caedes is good. I promised several persons they will go up that I have made deals with, and unlike most people on here my word is good, they already made profit trading with me. But Caedes is worth more, probably 140b is a great deal if you can get it, still cheapest AT frig at that price.

BUT ITS ONE OF THE BEST ONES IT HAS A MONSTER WEB AND ENERGY NEUT COUNTERMEASURE! also I might mention it has instant lock after decloak and 5 second recloak? These abilities are of paramount importance if you wish to field it.

Not enough of them on killboards.

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last caedes sold for 120b

source: i bought it lmao


of course iam the scammer not the guy who trys to sell a ship 25% over its value vOv And because have some of them and want to make them look more valuable you agree with that price vOv

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Logic Audit


I bought some because I think they are highly valuable, not I think they are highly valuable because I bought some. Actions speak louder than words.

I am not scamming anyone, I have the ship, I am the seller, I put a value on it ( I am actually with Dark Magni on this of that the Caedes is an absolute beast and VERY undervalued in current market (and I get Zahara Cody’s point on not enough kills on a KB compared to other AT ships but a KB doesn’t tell the whole story) ) but I do understand peoples confusion and problems with pricing of AT ships ( most of the complaining is done by those who don’t have them and want them).
So far you have thrown around accusations with no merit and have yet to actually make an offer that YOU deem reasonable, so either put up or shut up!?

All mails have been replied to, I am happy to negotiate if someone wants to but don’t come complaining just because you want to ■■■■ on someones thread.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/73307938/ a little improved value now :slight_smile:

Good bye Caedes. Three kills and then lights out.

That’s why they must be hoarded.