WTS Hydra

Have you heard of the Hydra?

This world beating Triglavian custom beast comes with speed and agility more suited to an interceptor, four hundred cold dps without a single damage mod, and an incredibly desirable 4-4-4 slot layout.

Insane pg/cpu to get the fit you want, a covert ops cloaking device to get the fights you want. The only thing keeping this frigate from being Imp/Chremoas-tier is the modest decloak delay.

I’ve flown a lot of AT ships, and man are people sleeping on this one. Hell, this particular Hydra has even survived being Vonholed, so it’s lucky too. :rofl:

Comes with an abyssal/officer fit worth 20-25B (conservatively). Accepting offers for ISK or trades for other AT frigates. Mails in-game are the best way to get in touch.

ISK B/O is 250 for the fit version, 225 for the hull.

My wife’s boyfriend and wife’s son are really big fans of this ship! Good luck with the sale!


180b offer for the hull here for your free hourly bump o7

170B for the hull

160b for the hull? does bidding work like this?

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150B for the hull

Just an update for those submitting bids, current best offer is 195 for the hull.

And SOLD, thanks for the interest those who reached out!


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