First Local, Next Warp Core Stabs?

Anyone else excited for the possibility that CCP might finally be working towards fixing the game and making space dangerous again? Oh, I can’t wait.

CCP please do the right thing and get rid of those cowardly Warp Core Stabs!


Happy about the danger part…removing stabs would be silly though…


Perhaps make them an active module? One cycle, then it’s burned out and destroyed. Inflicts massive heat damage on all the other modules when doing so.

Or just remove them, i’m fine with it :smiley:


Eve is based on starting with a mechanic and then making a counter for it. And sometimes making a counter counter for the counter.

So sure. Get rid of stabs as a global counter, but fit it to certain ships like with the (proper) cloaks now. And then you’ll need to change the base mechanic they are the counter for. Maybe fit them to only certain hulls.

Or something. Just spitballing here.

In any case, it needs a whole lot of thought and testing before simply erasing them from the game.


It would be wholesale slaughter of miners and transports…plus every ship would need to be rebalanced as no/less stabs means open mid slots…


Good! Death to cowards!


Sad to see the forum cowards at it again…

Calm down, snowflake.

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Trolls aside, I hope CCP starts making more changes to keep shaking up EVE.
Warp Core Stabs as they currently exist are so dull and boring.

Removing local was a big step, this seems like a pretty small fix for EVE Online. Especially since the only people who use it are cowards. It’d be good to finally be rid of all the cowards, both their ships and their tears! No more Warp Core Stabilizers!


Please look in a mirror.
Attacking anyone flying a miner or transport with stabs as a coward when the fitting slots, pg and cpu are so limited is absolutely a troll move.

Not that I’m against removing the modules, but you do need to give the industry ships a corresponding buff, even if it is in slots/pg/cpu that people can then fail fit.
Because you are removing basically their only way of evading a tackle frigate, because they just don’t get sub 2s align.



Is this really the “only” way? :thinking:

Yeah and then when it finish cycle it blows up your spaceship too that would make eve even more exiting again!


I like this!! No safety for cowards!!
We don’t need EVE to be any more safe!

No more stabbed plexing bots!
No more stabbed VNI bots!
Down with anyone who would support that kind of behavior!

Warp Core Stabs are too dull as a mechanic.

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Unarmed industrialists n miners are the cancer reason why eve is dying we need to kill them all till they leave or just buy stuff n ships from market like everyone else instead building stuff.

Also make drifter fleets spawn on all asteroids after 5 minutes, and all hack sites cans blow up with over 10 million damage if you fail, and salvaging wrecks makes chance of huge explosions they can buy salvage from market like normal ppl. we need this to save eve and encourage ppl to do what theyre supposed to be doing


Actually just get rid of mining, hauling building, security levels and regions and just put everyone in space with unlimited ships to fly and blow up.

That sounds great!


WCS’s are not meant as combat modules, they’re a defensive module meant to be fit on ships not designed for combat, like Industrial’s. And for what it’s worth, the T2 WCS is worthless and should have been buffed to +2 strength a long time ago. Definitely shows just how unbalanced things are in this game - WCS’s are significantly underpowered as a defensive module when compared to their offensive equivalent.

Logically, the stability of warp core’s should actually be designed into the ship itself and shouldn’t take up any fitting slots. Also, being jammed should add a multiplier for warp time and not just completely shut the Warp Core down. Currently if you get one ship jamming you with a couple of T2 mod’s (which are more powerful than their T1 versions), you’re dust.

Talk about balance issues, a ship the size of a small city can have it’s warp ability shut down by a ship the size of a large car… It should never be super easy to catch a ship that’s specifically designed to be slippery with only one ship, no matter what that ship is. DST’s and BR’s are meant to be solo haulers designed to slip through hostile camps.

As for that Discord post, Hilmar could have been referring to the issue that I just brought up whereas Falcon definitely doesn’t like having WCS’s in the game.


I’m okay with this.

I’d actually like to see them become an active module like someone else stated above, Similar to the ADC give it a short duration of scram immunity with either a long cooldown or complete module burnout and limit their use to industrials only.

Alternatively, maybe time to rebalance industrial ships as a whole who, outside of fw before the changes, are really the only class of ship you see them fit to. Possibly giving all industrial ships a bump to passive warp strength or increase in tank/fitting capabilities could be warranted.

Getting rid of cowardly play gets a +1 from me though.

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hmm…well, well…

Actually just get rid of mining, hauling building, security levels and regions and just put everyone into the same system with two station…everything else is cowardly.


Hear! Hear! Industrialists who build and mine and “peacefully” kill the game we all love and play need to play with honor and integrity. Just because they can’t fight back doesn’t mean they should be able to fly away in their spaceship, through space, to avoid being exploded. I don’t care how much more advanced their “Tech II” hauler is or if it was more expensive than my Rifter. My ship should be strong and their ship should be weak.

I don’t think this change goes far enough. Even better than removing warp core stabilizers, ships shouldn’t even need to fit warp disruptors and such. I should be able to just select your ship in my overview and you can’t warp unless I say so. In fact, you could even remove afterburners and microwarpdrives and stuff that makes ships harder to shoot. You don’t need to be harder to shoot if you are fighting honorably. Honorable fighters just take the damage I am trying to give their ship. Running and evasion are not fair and should be disallowed.

I look forward to the day when EVE is played as it was meant to be, fairly, honorably, with weak, defenseless combatants being just that, weak and defenseless. Maybe one day, we can even be able to force them to undock or uncloak or turn off their defenses.

Why should they be perfectly safe when we’re out here risking everything just to PVP?