Interdiction Nullifier Nerfed?

Did they nerf Interdiction Nullifiers or something? I’ve been using it without a problem, but today i got ganked in a bubble even while it was turned on . Couldn’t warp out of the bubble.

Maybe got pointed before you could warp … if the module is on, you should be able to warp out of any bubble.

Did you have an ECM burst module fit to your ship? That cancels the interdiction nullification.

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I got ganked in a bubble with the IN on - they warp scrambled me so I still couldn’t warp out…

evidently, they had the bubble right on the gate, so that I jumped right into the middle of it in my BR.

Yea be careful not to warp blind to gates, dscan first to check bubbles, dictors or potential smartbombers.

Good point I still see plenty of dead haulers with burst module fitted. Same as people still struggling to understand how the new warp core stabs work.

how? I said I JUMPED into it - it was on the far side of the gate…

Link the killmail please for us to check the fit.
That one? - Prowler | Koyaan i Squatchi | Killmail | zKillboard

Sorry, I misread that.

If you jump into a bubbled gate, turn on the interdiction nullification module while under gatecloak, warp out and immediately turn on your covops cloak.

The ways you can get caught (and scrambled) is:
(1) if you are unfortunate enough to be within 2km of an object after jumping the gate, in which case you could wait out the gate cloak timer in the hopes that the object or campers move away, or
(2) your BR is not fit to align within 3 seconds and the enemy players are good enough to decloak you while aligning.

What was the problem in your case? I guess 2?

I often fly max cargo BRs too, but it’s safer to fly fast aligning BRs.

Anytime I have to move through hostile null I opt to just find a wh chain. They are safer and often times faster.


That must have been the problem -
I don’t remember but with only one inertial stabilizer, it was probably 4.07 [5 seconds] which was stupid in hindsight - I have no idea what I was thinking about but thanks to all for the observations.

If you have a good fit for null, I’d appreciate seeing it.


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My BR fits are:
(flying both Prowler and Viator, pretty sure it works for the others too)

Covops cloak + interdiction nullifier

10MN AB + large shield extender + amplifier plugging resist hole
(I use a passive amplifier here rather than active multispectrum as the main danger I see is getting smartbombed while cloaked)

option 1: 3x inertial stabs - if I want to safely move around
option 2: 3x cargo extenders - less safety, better hauling

Cargo extention

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Another question, which I have seen discussed but don’t remember the details, is WHICH interdiction nullifier to use: T1 with 10 sec duration, T2 with 15 seconds or Compact, 12 seconds and WHY?

Would use the one with shortest duration that fits, hence T1. Because you want to have the cooldown as short as possible. And the cooldown starts after duration. Compact only if you have fitting issues.

Picking the right interdiction nullifier:

  • Duration is not really important on fast aligning ships as it only matters the module is online while you initiate warp.
  • Cooldown - some people think this is important but it is not really that important either. While it is nice to have a low cooldown, this definitely is not a module you need to activate every cooldown. In my experience I activate it once or twice when I haul for hours. Worst case when it’s on cooldown you wait a couple seconds in a safe spot cloaked to have the cooldown tick down to 30s before you blindly jump another gate.
  • Other factors are cost, skill requirements and capacitor usage or fitting space.

I usually either pick a meta (compact if I need the fitting space or restrained if I don’t) or T2 if it’s a ship with a reduced cooldown bonus like interceptors. Or more often I just pick the one that’s available or cheapest on the market, which usually is T1.

T1 will do fine.

OK I appreciate the assistance…

…I’ve got it fitted with 3 inertial stabs and it’s 2.98 so I’ll try 'er again - the only issue is the cargo capacity is halved so it’s going to take two trips through hostile space instead of one.

Yep, inertial stabs versus cargo expanders is a meaningful choice between speed and safety. Which one do you choose? :smiley:

I often pick cargo expanders when I haul goods and have spare inertial stabs for the way back. But if I were to run a known gate camp I probably would use the inertial stabs.

What about the coming CCP Rattari changes with 15min cooldown delay on covops cloak before reactivation?

Changing all these long standing modules is very poor IMHO.

I think you’re confusing the cloak stability timer, there is no way they would put a 15 minute timer on activating a cov ops cloak lol

It’s really not. There aren’t many situations where a stab would save you. Unless it’s against a small number of pilots. But in that case you have to screw up pretty good to get caught in the first place.

Before the change stabs were extremely situational and mostly only used to game systems they weren’t intended for. After the change they mostly just serve as a red herring.

There should be rigs or other lows that boost their effectiveness. So you still only have one and one cool down. But you could make choices to sacrifice fitting to negate stronger/ more numerous interdiction attempts.