T3 adjustments

Allright you all need reset the nulli for t3 interceptors mean ya sure made mod but it useless when have be uncloaked use i for one being tired loose t3 cruisers in bubbles now always too only do this too fatten you pockets assuming everyone can buy plex when want this is not case. I use enjoy eve now you change basics of game thinking improve well your wrong. BRING BACK ORIGINAL NULLIFICATION it never was issue you can catch nullified ships proper setup this is only costing players isk all time and it just too expensive loose all time when use be able escape or at least chance too now you not even givin chance which is fricking ridiculous and ruined a good part game at least make so can activate mod cloaked or gonna loose more us older players bye this patch did was not good only good thing was able so people can not afk cloak camp that was good idea but take away basis of ship abilities was bad decision people spent money time get into interceptors and t3 so could use these abilities but now it’s pointless. it should be fair for both attacker and defender now it only for attacker you get bubbled you can not get out ridiculous. I will get a lot bad reply for this but it’s way feel as said way was original was never issue


Warp to a celestial, scan gate, profit.


This is why we still need sp loss

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Going to agree with the OP, the T3 should have the old passive nullification, not needing the active high rack mod. The nerf to T3 cruisers was a bad decision.

Keep the mod for the other ships, I guess.

LOL I don’t think it was.

I get you’re missing the get out of jail free card.

Now simply practice more gate sec procedures and you should be fine.

Learn to EVE kthx.

they are still beyond broken.

I think reading this post gave me SP loss.

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Why? Passive nulli on a ship that can also covops cloak and fit to battlecruiser-grade tank was busted wide open.
Now you can do the exact same thing except you have to press one (1) button in order to get your nulli instead of getting it for free all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that gate camping and bubbles are generally obnoxious game play (though necessary). I know you can use it from Stargate Cloak, my Blockade Runner can use the module while in covert cloak. Overall though the system does move towards active game play and away from passive game play… That being said, the addition to Deep Space Transports, Industrials, Blockade Runners and Covert Ships has been great - fantastic change.

Biggest issue I’ve seen has been the fact that almost all of the Interceptors will have to lose a gun slot to fit the module. Further reducing their already low damage and then giving them the additional lock range and scan resolution penalty. That being said, maybe someone who actually flies in null sec interceptor swarms has a different opinion on that.

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