HACs and ADCs

So… I’ve yet to have an opportunity to be on a fleet with a Muninn yet. Doctrine has been called for a few times, but always outside of my TZ.

  1. Has the sky fallen?
  2. Does the ADC cause all the problems people thought it would cause?
  3. Are HACs in a better place now?
  4. Are brawling HACs feasible again? I went full pyfa warrior and built a blaster eagle fleet fit (forever seared into my brain as the beagle doctrine) and it will be fun to try it out.

You thinking with logi?

I made a scary railgun fit that would require logi to work, anyhow HACs are still too expensive for my taste but good luck if you to get to fly one.

I dont like the module personally. It reminds me of another unmentioned mmo I play with lots of personal defensive and offensive cooldowns. A bunch of cooldowns will not make Eve an E-sport… So E-sport gimmick modules are meh to me at best…

And with fleet battles they can target shoot switch targets wait out defense module switch back and kill.

Always fly with logi :slight_smile: And support.

Nothing fancy, basic fleet buffer fit with blasters. Overall, they’re fast, tanky (105k ehp without activating ADC) and they can punch pretty hard. But… blasters. Locked damage, short range… bursty as all hell though.

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I don’t think its caused any of the issues people complained about though most of those were aimed more at the AFs than the HACs.

most t2 ships are. i was looking at old lose mails and my relatively expensive polarized cost less than half of just the current cost of the cerb hull.

CCP really needs to adjust the yield of the new rocks

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