Are active reps fine or they need some buff? What do you think?

I’m mixed on the state of things for the subject after resist nerfes.

On one side, I’m happy with the fact that everything subcapital became (somewhat. maybe.) engageable for a small gang. 2-3k hps on a sub-BS stuff was total cancer.

On the other hand, I noticed that active tanked solo brawling became too expensive, as nothing works in EvE’s PvP+P+…+P unless it is pimped or is a BShip. Kinda strange for style where you are submitting yourself to be tackled by everything.

I do not kite usually, so dunno how active tank show itself there.

Is active tank fine atm? I feel like cheap active tank needs some buff, while high-end being left as it is (performance curve flattened a bit)? Honestly want to hear some opinions on this though.

Other way around. High end needs a boost, while bottom end is reasonable. Solo is doable, but solo engagements ought to either be a good fit and high skill, good scouting and intel, or a blingboat where winning is incentivized in several ways on both sides.

Yeah, and I’m burned out AF spamming those three and a half hulls which are capable of so-called “good fits”…

And my anti-naucea meds will not withstand the amount of crabbing I would have to pull myself through in order to spam battleships, given their current cost. And I crab lvl5 abyss.

Neither I want spam needlejacks for days while flying so-called kitey ships, looking for that unicorn fight where your overview does not bloat with Jaguars and Orthruses AND people do not jam you out and warp off. Neiter I want to fly frigates in half-dead FW space.

While those, I dare say, lazy resistance module nerfes fixed alot of the issues in the game, they killed off some of the game as well.

T2 armor reps need to be brought up to DB/TS in performance for sure. Sub Pith-A type shield reps is whole another issue, T2 shield boosters of all sizes are utterly dumb memes.

Dropped EvE for a while again, untill CCP finds some reason.

This. Especially since the last FUUU update that removed EHP/s supposedly to make brawler better.

If they are, then the better ones need relative boosts, and then armor is over powered relative to shield again.

I mean, if both get better, that’s an actual boost to brawling, but also to most PVE.

Sorry I don’t get you . What do you mean ?

Isn’t armor supposed to be better at face-tanking? Yes you have more dps and better tank close range but it doesn’t help if you can’t catch a ship with half nanofiber low slots. Also more likely to get caught so you need the tank.

With recent t2 ammo buff and adaptive hardeners nerf fights surely are more… dynamic. One side lands in pod 30% faster.

Classic dual t2 rep with 3 resist modules on unbonused ships gives now around 500 hp/s heated (with hardshell 2 and std exile). Was around 620. While close-range damage was increased. It was barely worth it before, it is absolutely not worth it now.

I cannot really understand why this situation could be fine. 1v1s? How much ships ends up on ZKB as a result of duels between two pvp-fitted ships in this game? 1%? Less?

It is slightly another issue with shield, because shield was always gimped (at least for the last 4 years, what was before is dark ages for me). I think, it is due to fact that if you dedicate same amount of slots to shield tanking as you do with armor, you will get the same numbers.

And you simply cannot do that for any solo pvp ship.

Ancillaries are not an exeption, dual boosters there are playing the role of a single one.

Well, I guess that if they would get shield tank to achieve the same numbers on two mids instead of four, this will buff botting too much, and thats why it was kept as it is, and I dunno what to do there.

This was fixed in Echoes by moving all of the tank to low slots, doing such rebalance for “normal” EvE would be an absolute hell, and balancing would stretch to about half a decade.

But this does not change the fact that active reps should be buffed to be viable for pvp at budget level. Maybe while nerfing crystal/asklepian a bit.

20% buff for PvE is the least of concerns. I didn’t even touch my abyss gila fits after rebalance, for instance. If anything, complex running is sort of stagnated at this point, and tank modules are the bulk of income there.

For shield, as I mentioned, situation is complex. I am certain with armor though.

By the way, LASB could be buffed by 40% or so IMO. Scope of the module is narrow. Can’t say anything about MASB, I do not fly small stuff.

Just change logi to boost local reps rather than give direct Hp. This will allow easy solving of logi scaling also as it makes it easy to do stacking penalties like other remote assistance modules.
And also makes local reps scale better as well.

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this would make armor buffer (plates) completely useless.
I think a good step would be to add remote resist modules, remote repair boost modules, then make all existing RR also provide repair boost.
Those remote repair boost and remote resist boost would be stacked with existing bonus (like command burst, hardeners, auxiliary nano pump, and SBA)

I disagree. Plates would still be relevant as they would increase the mark at which you get alpha’ed and in some cases increase TTK over something else.
Given CCP just dropped resistances across the board pretty much I don’t see them even considering remote resist modules.

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Ehm… What will change you propose do for solo pilot or no logi small gang though?

With remote reps rebalanced, it allows scope for any changes to local reps.
It also means that the solo/small gang pilot isn’t up against 5 remote rep ships repping a single target because (presumably) diminishing returns means it would be a waste.
For more detail you might need to give slightly more detailed examples yourself about the problem, i.e. what ship class, what kind of incoming dps etc.

At the end of the day though, EVE is a game about friends, the solo pilot is never going to win out vs a well organised gang, and it would be undesirable to see that change.

Now thats just… rude

I think that things like Crystals, Asklepian, and stuff should be buffed. This would allow solo pvp in larger ships. Before, solo nullsec HAW derad solo pvp was feasible, but now it is just a lossmail recipe. I think that faction, deadspace, and officer mods need a buff to active reps/resists. That way, the change still works well for disposable stuff, but dedicated PvPers can still do their things.

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