Resist nerfs (dead horse beating)

I started EvE 4 years ago. Came specifically for solo PvP.
I quickly embraced specifics, understood and forgave blob mentality, and my zkill page started to become greenier. Game felt perfect.

But as soon as I got enough skill points to fly all the cheap stuff I wanted - Surgical Strike came out… I dropped the game after a week or so.

I skipped frigates and dessies because they were too fragile - now everything below battleship was that.

I resubbed for a couple of times after that - only to understand time and time again that resist nerfs, along with economy “overhauls”, screwed the game for me without repair.

Before all of that - cheap 100-200m ships were just fine to have a good enjoyable fights rate. Right now, IMO, the price for undocking a ship worth a damn is 900-2000m a pop (with implants). 2-3 of those ships per evening… Thats not sustainable with current in-game crabbing methods, in my humble opinion.

Can someone name a single good thing which came out from resist nerfes? Did someone liked it?
And can it please just fn go? Or active reps buffed a bit?..

I am too lazy to go find the notes but CCP rolled surgical strike back? They gave more resists to multispecs.

I also want to mention CCP did buff how tanky battleships are with bulkheads, plates, and LSEs.

Thought I mention this before everyone else piles on.


Wow - you are right. I am checking with an older Pyfa and resists are back to almost what they were…
It does not feel as they are somehow though… Maybe cause LASB plasmids are not dirt cheap as they were, or overall meta shifts… Or marauders…

I done goofed though, I admit that =).


I done goofed though, I admit that =).



Gankers in highsec did.

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