Nerfs and Shortage Phase helping get fights?

Hi all.

I have an impression, that latest CCP steps have had a goal to support PVP activity in the game. I wonder if anyone also thinks, that

  1. making stuff more expensive will leads to increase of willingness to risk it.
  2. making fights shorter due to nerfed resists will lead to increase in number of fights itself. (when I was a PvP newbee most frustration came not from losing ship, but from losing it so fast, that I did not even scratched the opponent or even understood what was going on)
  3. like in real life, shortage of resources will make players fight over them instead of making agreement or go elsewhere (do people really fight in Eve because they need something or because fight is fun by itself?)
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You’ll need to explain your thought process on this one seems backwards. If people risk more then the over all cost of replacing the hull may go up, yes?

Because there will be more fights? You say

But if the fights are faster and more bloody, you are more likely to scratch the enemy, yes?

Want rather than need, but yes.

EvE game mechanics are not fun in of themselves. This is EvE’s main issue, and the one everyone ignores when asking why retention is low.

I think if I have ship , that costs 500 milions ISK, I rather get into fight, where I can loser it, than with the same ship, that cost 1 billion. And I am sure shorter fights will not increase number of them because new players will avoid new fight because of frustration, mentioned in OP and older players will have their desired number of fight regardless to length of the fight.

Why wouldnt you fly a ship thats easier for you to replace?

you mean T1 ships with T1 modules and weapons.

that’s what will happen.

the players that already have more ISK in the game than anyone else will buy the expense modules and stay rich

and the rest of the players will just fly cheap easy to replace ships.

so expect to see most players in sub 500mil ships and fits, and only see the over the bil ships and fits in nulsec or wormholes

the rebalancing of wealth is a joke if CCP are planning to do it with this PVP update.

only ones that benefit as those already rich in game, the newbie gankers and CODE.

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And this is bad because?

So theyve stopped flying cheap ships? Because last I heard, krabs were wetting thier pants that catas were getting a buff.

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and there’s the point the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, and the middle class just get kicked.

the whole point of these changes as CCP put is to spread the worth around and not have it all in nulsec.

but these changes of the PVP update on the 15th won’t address it in any form, just increase the ganking of newbie players and indy fleets, which will kill new blood and supply to PVP fleets.

the whole thing need to be looked in a long term basis, not short term. as short term no-one will really realized its affects.

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This is part of long term balance changes.

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Why do the middle class think the rest of us owe them anything?

Theyre just a buffer that the rich tolerate because its between them and the poor.

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Conspiracy Nutjob.
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…yeah my 5 trillion isk Moa because less resources lol.

I believe the opposite will be the case. Imagine the cost of everything skyrocketing and a Drake being a luxury boat for soloers.

You guessed it, the opposite will be the case. Why risk an over-prized t1 cruiser in a 10 second fight?

CCP did it complete wrong and misread what I said years ago.
With ‘take away’ I mean reduce the fire power of smaller ships down to as they were before the Crucible release.
I don’t get the reason for giving t1 frigates 200-400 dps (woot???).

What they should have done is reduce the damage of the smaller ships by 50-ish % and leave battlecruisers and battleships as they are now.

That way a ‘sworm’ of 5 frigates would not be able to vaporize a battlecruiser in 10 seconds as they do now since Cruicible.

Then they could have left all resistances as is.

Making everything t1 across the board more expensive is also the wrong way to promote fights.

Back in 2011 when I started to pvp I could take a Moa and paid maybe 20-30m isk with a standard meta / t2 fit and could afford to lose them.
Then in their infinite wisdom they doubled the price of everything and the same Moa will cost 40-45m isk now.
Back then I lived in highsec and rescued the Damsel a few time to afford said Moas but when they increased the prices, rescuing the Damsel wasn’t enough anymore.

Despite common believes, I need gear to pvp not isk.

Most gear I can buy now but I had to make creating income a 95% of my EVE time job in order to do 5% pvp and those 5% are very different now than I am used to.
It is not worse but I would like to return to my 50 jump roams and docking back in highsec to chill in a level 4 mission for a few hours and call it a night.
Back in 2011 I would do 30% pve to do 70% pvp. Now I am trying to shoot some red thingies in a hub or forlon hub to make less isk and get even less gear.

Reducing resistances will only make many even more risk averse and promote even less fights. Most of those ‘fights’ will be involuntary dis-assemblies or unarmed ships.


CCP is raising the threshold every few weeks by introducing the next change. More and more risk-averse players quit. That’s for sure and okay, because population shifts happened before and are intended.

Reality shows us that, despite CCP going this direction since last quarter of last year, the launcher has shown us 39k players online on saturday (sunday?). Quarantine isn’t an argument, because these people could be playing plenty of other games. Apparently they don’t, or at least not to an extent that it’s noticable.

And that’s with less bots than ever, too.

Oh? Interesting!

Since I don’t have Internet at the moment, I can’t even log on. I currently use my cell as modem to watch the news on the youtube.
It will be May at least before I get my Internet back.

Oh. Okay, well, then you’re excused.
You really had no idea.

Why don’t you use your cell phone as a bridge?

I do but the connection here is spotty and it would not be good enough for EVE. I can open Firefox on my laptop here and watch Netflix but I only have 60GB data volume per month, so I have to be vigilant on my data usage.
EVE may not use much but the client requires a constant connection with a low ping. A spotty connection means I have terrible ping and my sub 2 second Crow would get murdered on a lowsec gate with that connection.

Speaking of, that Crow costs 45 million isk or used to at the end of last year. 45 million for a f§&§%&"%§&& frigate.

Take a sieve bigger than your phone.
Wrap the sieve in aluminum foil.
Connect your phone with your computer by cable.
Strap the phone into the sieve.
Strap the sieve onto your window.

Helps me every time.

If you can’t use a cable for bridging, then root your phone.
That’s really easy nowadays, very safe and there’s software allowing you to bridge via USB.

Less minerals. Easier kills. This simply equates to 50 Million ISK T1 frigates and 500M ISK basic T1 BS fits.

How are players, new players more importantly, supposed to buy items in the first place… much less be willing to risk EVEN more in pvp?

Minerals need to be MORE available. SP req’s need to comedown on everything BS and up. Mineral requirements need to come down on everything BS and up.

MORE minerals available and less skilling equals more pvp. Scarcity dictates LESS willingness to lose what you have.

Does logic exist in Iceland?


He is being sarcastic, it’s a whine and you missed it :rofl:


Making stuff more expensive in the short term means that enterprising players will start producing it in the long term. The price of goods won’t increase so far that it scares people from risking it. This is a very short sighted and narrow viewpoint raised by people who overestimate the importance of mining trash.

No, this doesn’t necessarily increase the reason why players would enter into a fight to begin with. The point here was to reduce the effectiveness of Logistics in larger fleet fights so that both sides will come out of the fight with losses. Currently, if you cannot alpha a target, chances are high that logistics (in combination with high resists) will prevent that target from getting killed.

Also, your experience as a PvP newbie doesn’t really translate meaningfully because your fast losses were more likely caused by your lack of knowledge and inexperience, rather than the resistances.

But this is a video game and not real life. I stopped reading here because whatever else you have to say is worthless after this opening.

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How does this step work, exactly? What part of the phone are you strapping to?