[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 15/04/2020


Tomorrow, Wednesday 15 April, the Daily Downtime will be extended due to the necessary work required for deployment of our monthly release.

The downtime will begin at 11:00 UTC and take approximately 30-45 minutes. We expect Tranquility to be back up accepting connections by 11:45 UTC at the latest. We will update you in this thread should anything change.

Thank you!


Hope the patch goes smoothly and implemented bug-free.


Ok, so looking at about an hour to do the patch.

Then possibly a server shut down and restart.

Followed with a couple days of fix-it patches.





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here comes the moment wherein alphas can’t solo “Emerging Conduits” using praxis anymore. :frowning: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :cold_sweat: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


inb4 people not checking patch notes nor announcements beforehand coming to the forums to complain about their losses



Do we know what is being nerfed?

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just another patch to make ppl play the game how CCp in their imminence wisdom think we should play
first add moons to mining then make it so they cost more to fuel then can be earned then Nerf the ships again to make you change ships again not that i am becoming disillusioned guess will be another period of adjustment and trying to justify why i spend so much time playing


All shield and armor plates hardeners by a 20%. if prev gives you -55%, now -35%. check on Test server :smiley:


Oh yes, remember reading that :+1:

So what buffs are there for the Null Sec Alliances and what other nerfs will be hidden in the small print

…oh wait, now I’m sounding cynical. Horror of horrors. :slight_smile:


Agreed this should be a sandbox offering more options than reducing options but completely aside of all that people who are too lazy to check upon stuff will be in for a big surprise and obviously most of them will not blame themselves for their poor decision making and probably of those at least some will come to the forums to shred their tears and my popcorn is completely ready for that. :smiling_imp:


People don’t like changes, but Changes keep the game healthy, and Bloody


The Hunt is not over yet, the nerf on resis will make a lot explosions…


That is not right. If the resist was 55%, the 20% nerf will be 55 * (1 - 0.2) = 44%.


go check on test server then. i did yesterday. they removed some Items i had and the value of the new one is 20% less.

Good Luck

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I checked the test server and tech II hardeners are on 44%, EANMs on 16%.


what about some shield type you don’t have anymore then? :°D

CCP killing the game one patch at a time, we all have limits, at this rate I am 3 patches away from calling it a day, there are other games.


For example EM Ward Amplifier II was 37.5%, after nerf 30%. Its again 20% less.


@CCP_Dopamine Are we getting early patch notes?

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Ok IMO this is a really bad idea
Turning down the difficulty on a game by making the enemy’s easier to kill dose NOT make a game more fun in the long run and is only going to make people more risk adverse meaning that less fights will happen

also the nerf to resists and nerf to logi because of that, only lend even more to N+1 and the big blobs even more

also IMO the nerfs to supers are going way to far. by nerfing supers/titans plates and extenders on top of the resist changes and the MASSIVE nerf to FAX we are going to see even less of the massive fights that CCP has said they want to see more of

I’m not all doom and gloom I really like that CCP are trying to bring back battle ship fleets