The Upcoming Meta

Have ya’ll seen the new BS/resist upcoming changes?

What do you think it’ll do to the meta?

I personally think it may bring brawl back into play thank quafe.

The BS/resist buffs are also a stealth ganking nerf, so we’ll see how that plays out.

Although being able to solo gate camp in a BS again is pretty neato…

What ya’ll think?


Hi Gix, I seem to have missed this (RL-busy at the moment). Do you have a link?

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Increased resists make (remote) repairs more effective.

Increased battleship EHP makes battleships more effective.

I expect we’ll see more battleship fleets with FAX support.

While you’re right, the stealth ganks I’ve been in are usually such overkill that some more EHP doesn’t really make a difference. If they make the mistake to get caught they’re dead.

But in the case of bomb bombers, the extra EHP for battleships does mean that even if there are more bomb targets, it will take a lot more bombs to take those battleships down. I wonder how that will play out.

True. It’ll also affect PvE quite a bit. WHs took a hit due to the resist nerfs, so we may see an increase in C1-3 pop now.

Also 4s will be super ezmode once again with the shield potato.

I guess they are kinda giving us prosperity LOL.

I am excited for how travel fits will play out. Pull a 350k EHP travel fit murader dear god!


Yea, its gonna change the ganking landscape for sure.

I mean basically of course you just need more DPS. But golems I feel will be super hard to gank if tanked right.

I think you will need much more specialized ganking fleets depending on the type of marauder you’re going after.

May even need to upgrade to like mallers/ruppies for golems. Burn down the shields and then get to work on the armor.

For low I think we will see the return of more battleships and def brawl fits. But now I feel its going to make HACs an even stronger choice or any T2-3 ship as they will be able to get even higher resists due to their native bonuses.

In a way it kinda hurts T1, so we’ll see how that goes.

Solo play may get a bit harder too, cause if nano falls by the wayside peeps are gonna fleet up more, which could mean more engagement.

Guess I gotta refit the mega :smiley:

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I can only talk about the Wormhole PvP meta, but brawl-wise I really think this is going to be the era of Paladin heavy comps. With the double buff of resistance mods and plates, marauders should be able to hit the EHP threshold required to easily survive the debastion.

Yea, its gonna make WHs a bit easier. C1-3 has been pretty dead cept for daytrippers like me. May see increased action now.

Drifter doomsday just got a lot easier to tank. Edencom Battleship is gonna really start shining. Rattlesnake might make a big comeback.

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