Null buffed, high nerfed, everyone happy - upcoming changes

  • Faction BC
  • Faction destroyers
  • Faction big hull shooting big guns
  • HAC rebalance with attention paid to Muninn.
  • QOL changes announced today
  • Multiple overviews for photon UI in the future
  • Changes to discourage high tier abyssals in highsec.

Fantastic changes.

What think you high sec denizens? I’m pleased as punch!

Someone check @Ramona_McCandless for a pulse!


What? Whats this fashion for linking me into nonsensical posts?


Fairly predictable, game is already crazy unbalanced anyway so it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.

Hmmm, I don’t see any of the crushing blows to gankers that make hi sec a safer place that certain people were sure CCP was working on. It almost appears that some of this might could be construed as making it less safe. I’m so confused because I was told so many times that stopping the evil griefing of hi sec was such a big priority for them, what with all their fancy slides at Fanfest.


thats good news
coercer navy issue :partying_face:

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CCP have stated they intend to reduce ganking. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen at every given patch.

I have to ask, what benefit is there to these comments? It won’t stop CCP making a change. Guarantee you can go back to just prior to the war changes and see people similarly saying “heh heh, where are the wardec changes people have been saying are coming then to destroy wars”.

And hey, perhaps we’re wrong, but between Hellmars AMA, the winter Q&A, the fanfest mentions and the blog post, I feel it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see no changes.

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Cruiser sized guns on Navy dessies please

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We need more explanations. Devil lies in details.
What is “discourage” ? What is “high tier” ? (I think I know what is highsec, thanks)

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i really don’t like the idea of 100% brm by default.
CCP could have fixed a lot of issues with that, for example Time Zone Tanking SOV.
Make BRM min 100% only during vulnerability for example.

It would make bigger multi timezone alliances more vulnerable aswell.

This is the reason I will be re subbing my 2 x eve accounts. Brm at under 100% was just nasty.

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People shud be rewarded for not sticking to safety.

Brm punish people for playing the game.

100℅ minimum will generate more content and reward players whit 100+ for not sticking to safety.

Rewarding players are much better then punishing simply for playing the game


Normally krabs make the opposite claim

“We fought hard for our Sov Space, so it SHOULD be safe because we work for it”.

Dont you work to make where you krab safer?

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Apples and oranges.

Im agree whit you. But im talking just about brm.

So let me rephraze

Brm shud reward people who are willing to make extra risk for extra rewards

Let me rephrase

What extra risk are you taking in your umbrella-protected Sov Null bubble?

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Moving to rat in system thats not under umbrela where you are probabli alone and response will take long time.

Not all systems are in drop range of staging and even jumpbridges are not lowering range enough to safe rattimg ships thats far

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Ok, and whats stopping you doing that atm?

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Again apples and oranges.

Now people are forced and punished by not doing that.

Removing brm penalty and leaving bonuses change that…

And bring more people to the game.

Basicli now eve give everybody stick and almost no carrots.

After patch there will be no stick and just carrots.


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