EVE Online 2022 Update - Road to Fanfest

I quite like lots of things that I see in this post. BS getting better, resist nerfs are partially reverted, loss-less and instant compression in your mining ships even.

Especially when it comes to compression, I just have 1 question: Why not like this from the start? Why was it necessary to try and implement such a tedious and contentious system as it was proposed in the first iterations of the Mining System changes that created so much backlash, when you could have just used the old system and updated it like you did now.



It’s really funny that people beat CCP with forks and torches for years. But it takes only one streamer to get a change they asked for in only few weeks…

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While most changes seem to be a good addition, something that puzzles me is the changes for battleship, mainly that shield extenders will get a 100% HP increase while armor plates will only get 50%.
In the end it means that a large shield extender will give you additional 5,200HP while the 1600mm plate will give you 7,200HP, with the shield extender needed 10tf more CPU, but less than 1/3 of the powergrid, making them MUCH more valuable…
I feel like it would make more sense to introduce XL-shield extenders and keep the bonuses the same, as large shield extenders are the shield equivalent of an 800mm plate

If you get instant compression in your ship then you’re even less likely to use local refineries than now.

I think the battleships getting buffs is good, but not the right thing.

Why not just give them more HP?

There was some flexibility before where you could use armor on a Raven, but now if we’re having Ammar and Gallante get a bonus to plates and Caldari and Minemetar getting bonuses to shield extenders, there is now no longer an option unless you want your battleship to have a lot less HP.

Or, you know, just give all battleships bonuses to fitting both types of hit point modules in order to force players to actually fit their ships, instead of giving everything a blanket EHP buff as yet another stealth ganking nerf.

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