Version 18.05 - General Feedback


Please use this thread for general feedback on anything included in this monthly release.

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“Added a Market History tab that will show the history of successful, expired, or cancelled orders”
This sounds awesome :smiley:

I mean, I have ways to do it but is nice to not need externals tools for doing it.


All of this:

  • Changed the name of module group Armor Reinforcer to Armor Plate and changed Blueprint group from Armor Reinforcer Blueprint to Armor Plate Blueprint.
  • Renamed all Shield and Armor Resistance Bonus Rigs and Their Blueprints
    • Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer → EM Shield Reinforcer
    • Anti-Explosive Screen Reinforcer → Explosive Shield Reinforcer
    • Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer → Kinetic Shield Reinforcer
    • Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer → Thermal Shield Reinforcer
    • Anti-EM Pump → EM Armor Reinforcer
    • Anti-Explosive Pump → Explosive Armor Reinforcer
    • Anti-Kinetic Pump → Kinetic Armor Reinforcer
    • Anti-Thermal Pump → Thermal Armor Reinforcer

Change it back and stop listening to your marketing department on naming conventions.

So searching “Anti-” doesnt show me all rigs that I want to see.

Typing “Invuln” doesn’t fine me the module I want.

Maybe keep the shield / armor specific damage hardeners with the change, I don’t use them enough to have a simple way to find them… I guess I can search “or rei” to find them.


Invasion Chapter 3 has no pages.


Better purpose for this post:

  1. CCP gets bought out by Micro Transaction LTD.
  2. CCP remove minerals from the game driving the price of everything up
  3. Cusomters (us) buy more plex to fix the short fall in the value the plex represents. (Mean while the knock on effect is dropping plex prices compounding the same issue leading to MORE PLEX purchase with REAL money.
  4. This Triglavian bullS separates out HS into Islands necessitating the creation of or renovation of the old and more market hubs
  5. Goons etc (owners of Tranquility Trading Tower) Drive Jita into Lowsec status and ensure that Perimeter stays HS.
  6. Prices go up again
  7. More plex is sold due to increased cost of playing

CCP, get your ass together and buy your company back., I and many other players will no doubt help financially to get rid of your current owners.

One stipulation. Goons and all Coalitions of similar size and wealth are disbanded in some permanent manor.


well, now we know why they didnt post it before


They got buffed… minimally, yes, but still buffed.


nerfs again. stick some hi slots on a capsule and we will all fly those

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says in the coming months. onE word SHAFTED


:red_circle: Has CCP finally managed to rename the passive shield hardeners as well? Or are they still following the old naming?

Additionally, if there is a way to lower security status I Want a way to increase it as well!!

You want to disconnect HS to make people stead out. I want to make niarja 1.0 space.

Less and less a sandbox every time you deploy something.


My apologies, you are correct. Thankfully.

Although the Armor X-Types are still nerfed. And starts at the A-Types for shields.

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More nerf on resistance modules…


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Do the idiots at CCP even realize most shield ships have no EM resist at all and you’re nerfing them again. Even with ded mods and max skills certain shield ship are just ■■■■■■.


Check again. meta modules got buff, faction and deadspace got nerf.
Depend on module but you will see further nerf in bling ships.
Does CCP want us to switch for frigates and fu… all resits and just speed tank?


Majority got buffed…

Gist A-Type EM Shield Hardener: EM resistance -48.2 (-47.6)

Some PithA and X got nerfed by .something.

Pith X-Type EM Shield Hardener: EM resistance -50.8 (-51.2)

How are people reading?

I swear to god this why scamming is so successful in this game. People fail at reading.


CCP seems out of touch, and a bit unprofessional.

when you release content (Triglavian invasion chapter 3) Usually the patch notes need to summarize what the new content is. If invasion chapter 3 is not today, then STOP labeling the damn thing as “today/now” . How many years is it gonna take?


That’s a very commonly used item the gist type isn’t unless for fitting reasons usually.

So it’s not about me failing to read it’s all about you being a scrub and not knowing how fittings works.


So what?

Now the Gist is better, not just from a resist point but from CPU as well. win win…


Because it’s another nerf to basi, you know those logistic ships everyone loves when you bring one. It doesn’t affect Scimi because they have there EM hole plugged. Seriously every time EM gets nerfed the caldari and there ships get bent over and bummed without lube.