Version 21.05 - General Feedback

Hello everyone,

We are very excited to release the Viridian expansion to EVE Online today. Here you will find links to helpful information with regards to the Viridian expansion.

Please feel feel to share your thoughts and feedback here for this patch version.

Quick info:

Quick Info:

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Looking forward to the deployed content

Thanks for 7 days of free omega!

Singularity is not accepting connections at this time. Please try later.

So my followup question number seven would be, when is later and question eight, how, in your own words and thoughts, do you imaging nobody taking a look at the new stuff and tell us to you, if we “see” any issues with the expansion, that nobody had time to train into yet and since the test server is on vacation, nobody could fit with anything. Please be very specific.

So the skins for citadels might be nice, and maybe I may see one in my lifetime, who knows.

The reason for removing E-War resistance from Marauder and Bastion modules, respectively, states:

EWAR resistance preventing most counterplay options.
These changes would align with the class identity as strong but immobile and allow smaller ships to bypass a Marauder with EWAR tools that are currently often useless given its EWAR resistance bonus.

Eve University lists the following bonus to the Bastion module:
+100% sensor strength, which can be interpreted as 50% ECM resistance. No stacking penalty.

Is it intentional that the reason is inconsistent or was this bonus and thus the ECCM bonus overlooked?

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Large Railguns

Large Railguns are severely underperforming compared to other battleship sized weapons. We are Improving them relative to other weapon classes to make them a more viable option and to help improve the viability of several underperforming ships - such as the Rokh and the Kronos.

+15% bonus to Tracking Speed

+15% bonus to Rate of fire.

The tracking increase will place Large Railguns between Large Beams and Large Artillery for tracking scores, the rate of fire increase will improve their DPS making them more attractive while not increasing their alpha strike capability for large fleet fights

Thank you @CCP :blush:

68 Frigates of the empire-based factions have received FX (special effects) and lighting updates. This includes the addition of lights and effects to enhance their visual appearance.
Planets have been added as shadow casters. This means that the planets now contribute to casting shadows in the game, further enhancing the visual fidelity of the environment.




CCP worked on Photon again and yet again managed to make it worse. This progress bar color match makes it harder to see the progress bar in certain environments compared to the previous bar color. They also removed the outline around drop down menus and progress bars and other aspects of the UI, which also makes them harder to use and recognize.

CCP seems to be so embarrassed by their Photon efforts that they don’t even mention the work on that feature in their patch notes any more.


i dont even need more commercials, but the station placing is really bad!


Overall great changes, but can we get an update regarding upcoming events such as the Federation day or Minmatar liberation day, as well as proving grounds? We did not hear anything related to this for quite a while. Can we assume when Shadow war finished, we get these events back?

Certainly pushed out too hastily without proper testing. Again.


all 3 accounts forzen in space WTF

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Is there a way to have an array of items delivered or an array of ores mined with the new mission system?
There are a bazillion different ores for example bitumens:

I tried to seperate them with a comma, it didn’t seem to work?
Without this feature it will be a pain to set up all those missions so I guess I must do something wrong?

EDIT: Sry Mr Mannfred, I didn’t want to create this as a reply to you ^^


Can someone please tell me where I can see my R&D agents and their accumulated R&D points?


Found it!
They’ve actually been moved to somewhere logical!

Industry > Research tab


Game crashes in Jita after undocking. :frowning:

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Game freezes after ~10 seconds, there was no any update downloading on the launcher after downtime, cache cleaned up… Unplayable :frowning:

*** Removed all System Index Cost modifiers. *** - STILL ALIVE

Why u didnt remove this?

Do I need to create 4 different missions for all 4 different types of Kernite?

I expected some “+” button to appear to add a new item type to the list. Seperation by Comma didn’t work as well and there is not item group.

I think this change MUST happen, else it’s not worth it in my opinion.

For example say you want to create a mission collecting materials to build a Freighter with your corp.
You need Tritanium, Isogen, PI stuff…
And it would be cool to see the progress.

If I want to do it now I need to create 20 Missions named “Freighter - Deliver Tritanium”, “Freighter - Deliver Integrity Response Drones” …
which would suck a lot :smiley:

I love this feature and it’s so cool but somehow it is below my expectations.


3.5m EverMarks to customize a small set of structures. You guys are insane.


And why do we have to wait another day for the new dailies?


Projects are not more important than bulletins



The Skinr tool is great, but won’t get use much. Not being able to transfer Evermarks to the holding Corp or to the holding Alliance for some, make it so we won’t put any effort in acquiring them.