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Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

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The Gallente Federations Shadow War research effort is advancing and the federation has reached a major breakthrough in its understanding and mastery of the Stellar Transmuter technology thanks to the efforts of loyalist capsuleers.

What? They have not even reached 50 % in any category of the event research efforts. :joy:

And no new improvements on Photon. Great. Another abandonware from CCP that keeps it’s numerous reported issues for the next decade. Absolutely no one is shocked about that.

Chat performance has also gotten much worse since a few months ago. It takes up to a minute now for local to update after a gate jump. Great selling point for CCP’s tech outsourcing scheme.


Goodbye PLUR! :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Blame Jabber.

CCP in 2016: We’re removing the in-game browser because we don’t want to use third party software

CCP in 2018: We’re switching the chat system to the Jabber protocol because it’s a cool third party software


They are passed 58% on the transmuter atm.


As per Grafana


Local Chat keeps disappearing and Corporation Chat now too.
Local is kind of important, yes?

You should get your engineering staff to check your fluid router pumps. Maybe patch it up with some extra bubble gum, duct tape, and a swift kick to get ‘er goin’ again.


More Minmatar engineers, please!

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I think C-4 is the best thing to fix something. Nitroglycerin works too but it’s unstable.

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Have you considered, instead, dialing up the rave? Leave this checkbox blank, no rave. Click this box… EVERY AD GETS ITS OWN AMBIENT COLOR! ADVERTIZERS CAN CHOOSE THE FORM OF THE DESTROYER! ‘RAPIDLY CYCLING STROBE’ IS AN OPTION!

No? C’mooooooon. You know you waaaaaanna.


The “new” Antialiasing looks like complete ■■■■. Ships are blurry and it doesnt work at all on the interface i.e. the F9 system map. Seriously, how can you implenent this on live server? Either no one has taken a good look at it before releasing or they have really bad vision. Reverting to the “old” Antialiasing is urgently needed.


I really have to say it looks like a mixed bag on the graphics. The shadows look great and the reduction of JJ Abrams is also good but a lot of stuff now looks… plasticy when looked at up close. Zooming out is even worse as things start to lose focus and look mushy.


Yeah, it’s pretty bad at max settings on a RTX3070. For example, the left side of the keep is tiled horribly and the right side is blurry and noisy:


Now that I’ve had the chance to look at things in-game… I dunno, guys, looking at the edges of structures as they move relative to background objects like planets… I feel like there’s some 1998-level graphics sneaking in. All of the edges look like I’m playing XvT.

And wow, yeah, the tiling on that keep is… blatant, ain’t it, @Gunkk_Olgidar

Yeah the little moving glowies on the model are washed out pretty bad too: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Just looking at the greenish cast to space, is that a Sansha Incursion? Its atmospherics might be having an effect on the glowies.

Yes it is and yes it is. The glowy washout is even worse with a purple metaliminal (weak gamma). In regular “non-storm/event-related-extra-ambient-haze” systems, this issue is greatly reduced, but there is a noticeable glow artifact around the same moving keepstar glowies.

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Pre update, in space gpu load was 20%.
Post update in space gpu load is 80%.

And dont get me started about gpu load IN STATION.

I have much lower gpu loads in star citizen for peets sake…


Sad that you removed AA for those that played the game with shader setting to medium (i know it’s planned to be revised, but the way i know you, the odds are slim) . I’ve guess you made it clear by now when you introduced the superpotato mode when the game is just a black screen and now with these graphical changes… Cyberpunk runs better than your game with my setup .
Totally not the Eve I know, the one that worked fine on most machines and it wasn’t about the graphics .
At least optimize the implemented graphical changes, it melts my GPU , I’ve changed back to low settings from medium - high settings.
I suppose your plan is to run the game in super potato mode or if you want visuals you’ll have to have a top edge machine, without a middle ground.


Same graphical settings as before the update and now its imposible to play with 6 accounts at the same time. I cleared cash files and its the same issue.
What in the actual hell are you guys doing?

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