Version 21.04 - General Feedback

That, or the rave has moved outside the station now?! :flushed:

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They’re Constantly Cratering Performance, of course. CCP. Get it? :laughing:


use dx11, turn off something


Vila Skarbnik NPCs in the Shadow War Pochven sites should no longer rarely give standing hits to the Triglavian collective.

This was all there is to the Patch Notes today but the launcher downloaded nearly 1 GB of data for TQ. Talk about wasteful development.

It was closer to 1.3gb. Care to share anything CCP?

Hi there,
Major problem since 25/04/2023 update>
Mac OSX freezes and or crashes on game client start-up:
I click on ‘Play Now’, Log-In ok, I get the start-up screen, click on character, black screen, music plays…and plays…computer freezes, or worse, computer crashes.
Pressing Escape whilst in black screen does nothing as the whole computer is frozen.
If it crashes, all screens go black (I have 2 external monitors), I hear clicking, then crash.

Further, I deleted the CCP and Eve Online folders in user/library/application support.
Also deleted the CCP folder in user/library/caches
Basically, I deleted everything I could find CCP or Eve online related on my Hard Drive.
Restarted the client window, downloaded all files, same issue.
Today is even worse:
I get to the first splash-screen with Daily Whatevers - and it freezes even before I can claim one !!
That’s 3 days of the same problem and signalled up every day - zero response - apart from the automated email reply "We’re looking into it’
I’m using the following:
macOS Mojave version 10.14.6
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
Processor 3.1GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Graphics Radeon Pro 560 4GB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB

I run 5 accounts and since the last patch, my 3060 can barely hold it together (to the point that some accounts disconnect).

I used to be able to run all of these fine with high settings, now I’ve reverted to medium and if there’s more than 1 account docking the computer freezes for a bit.

I’m all for updating the UI and keeping it modern looking, but please make these upgrades togglable as much as possible.

Seriously CCP, your client is getting worse and worse with each patch and the server as well.

Two days ago my client completely froze up when a Kikimora landed 100km off me.
And now i got booshed off a gate even tho i was at 0 on gate and spammed jump. I got the ‘Session change in progress’ message and i watched myself getting pointed and booshed off, so a connection issue is out of the question. I simply didn’t jump for whatever stupid reason.

But, oh yeah, a totally crap Temporal AA and completely pointless new shadows are important, not the foundation that your game is.
A functional client that is actually usable instead of nice to look at while frozen or while behaving absolutely illogical.


Great job on the graphics CCP :slight_smile:

I am using a 3080 and the background is suddenly blurry af !!! Everywhere ! Up close all looks same, background suddenly blurry but graphic settings etc all the same. Any idea?

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I’m very sorry but this graphical update is dramatically ugly for me.
Everything is blurry and without details, it’s like playing an old game from the '90s now.
I’ve maxed out all settings but it’s not doing any good.

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Not important at all.

It’s hogging valuable eve system resources they should just remove it and let the game run smoother.

if you are upset about them using jabber, you must be pissed they are using HTTP for a lot of the client communications.

You lost me at “system resources”. I haven’t the first clue what those resources are and how Local hogs them.
All I know is that Local is very useful to me and probably to whole lot of other players. Evidently it seems that CCP is of the same mind since Local has been and continues to be in the game.

Blockquote * Vila Skarbnik NPCs in the Shadow War Pochven sites should no longer rarely give standing hits to the Triglavian collective.

Rarely. LOL.
Cant dock anymore in pochven. And support is sleeping, once again.


Why do Abyssal Mining Crystals not work on the new Neosilicate Rakovene ?? They work on all other types of rakovene surely they should work on the new event ore too !

My device can’t play dual box on eve online after patch 21.04 was released, but before patch 21.04 was released or patch 21.03 and below dual box can still be done and it’s running smoothly

It doesn’t. Local doesn’t even run through the EVE servers. The entire chat system has its own AWS infrastructure that communicates through the client, but doesn’t draw on any resources from the local nodes.

login numbers absolutely crater again just like they did when local got removed 4 years ago during the Blackout. It killed player activity then, it’ll kill it more now that the economy’s on much shakier ground. EVE desperately needs to attract players, not convince them to log out.


I appreciate you explaining that. Too many people utter tech one-sentence fallacies while they have no idea of what is what.
“Local using valuable resources” didn’t seem right, even for a technoob like me.

I guess that’s what players who advocate to remove Local want :woman_shrugging: the death of EVE. I noticed that this game has quite a few haters.

Graphics look blurry after this update. All settings are on max.