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Hello everyone,

A new monthly patch has arrived (20.04)

Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

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For now we’ve merged the PC and MAC known issues threads into a single one.


  • “Wormhole reflections triggered by nearby suns and explosions have been toned down. Polarized sunglasses no longer required :sunglasses:

They could tilt their head to blank the screen with polarized glasses and the panel.

Another big patch released without any prior notification and with features that are very much still in development and no where did CCP say that they’d simply release them at a random point in time. Another instance of CCP’s famed communication strategy by CCP Rattati.

Though, thank you for giving my alphas the Omega SP progress. Much appreciated.



5th drone on the proteus yes! finally it’s gonna be viable in c3 and can easily outperform an ishtar !


A few GiB download never hurt anybody.

Some games now take up a couple of hundred GiB to install.

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Its nice that ship skins are no longer volatile, now just need to remove the bind on pickup/soulbound mechanic that stops people from selling them off.


Industrial Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint NOT SEEDED cmon AGAIN CCPlease

I remain less than enthused with the current state of the structure nerf, particularly as it applies to M-Set structures @CCP_Paragon @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Rattati and @CCP_Zelus , even after specific mathematics and situations were given for consideration in the original discussion threads. Even having been assured its the first change of many, the set going through largely unchanged is going to make life that much more difficult for lowseccers who don’t join organized groups like SC, or SNUFF, or who aren’t otherwise under the thumb of a big group by way of tithe or some other agreements.

Overall, frankly, I think I’m going to pull one of my subscriptions with this, until such time as any assurances that ‘things will get better’ are proven out. Can’t really justify the expense of four right now, so back to three, for me for the immediate future.

You know me, relatively speaking. Normally I try to be optimistic, or at least adapt as things come. And even when pissed off I’ve largely commented and tried to be positive or constructive. but this is starting to reach bridge too far territory, even for me.

If the point is ‘structures should die more if you can’t match enemy fleet number for number’ then just damned well say it. Please.


Still patching. 1Gbyte for this seems excessiv.e

From the patch notes

Available from ORE NPC Stations in Outer Ring?

Maybe check the loyalty point store?

:handshake:Drone Synthesis Projector Subsystem Bandwidth to 125 from 100”

8 years of asking…



thank you

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High pitch sound when closing windows. Ow, my ears. :tired_face:


The Proteus is “better” however it can do with more. I feel it needs more PWG. Something like an extra 350 - 500 on top of what it just receive on this updated…

Can the industrial cyno generator please be renamed to Hauler Cyno generator please

  • Skillpoint rewards from daily rewards are now provided in small chunks every few days instead of being connected to a separate bar at the bottom of the screen. The average amount of skill points received over time is the same as before for Omegas and is slightly higher than before for Alphas.

So those of us that were one or 2 clicks/days away from getting our 150K Skill Points don’t any of them ??
OR what ??
We get some smaller token amount some time in the next couple of days instead?

Just seems like CCP lately : “Here’s some cool bribes to distract from all the bugs and other S**t in the game… cool stuff right? Oh you may never actually get to use it tho but who cares - it’s cool and free - Right?!”

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a script was run to pay out those skill points, check your redeem queue

All the big things in the patch had their own prior dev blogs and were on sisi

Patches are always on Tuesdays now so its not like its a surprise

Due to the removal of the slowly filling skill point bar at the bottom of the Daily Gift screen, a script will be run that provides all players that have logged in at least once in the last year with additional skillpoints in their redeeming queue based on the progress they had achieved in the bar before the systems changed.

Read the patchnotes dude

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It’s been two months since you can’t make the Neocom any smaller. At the time, it was listed as a known issue. When will this be fixed or is it still being worked on at all?


What has “patches happen on tuesdays” to do with lack of communication of when exactly a patch is going to happen? :thinking:

If I know that a patch is going to happen soon, I would update Sisi prior to that day so that my installation is already up to date and I don’t have to download anything major on patch day.


They have to keep replacing the sponge to soak up all the tears.