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Hello everyone,

A new monthly patch has arrived (20.05)

Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

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I just want to put out there that smaller wormhole corps are going to burn. Typically those entities get away for a while as they are either not found for a bit, they have some basic homedef together or they are good at not taking the wrong fights but with as easy as it is to smash their sandcastles now the flood will come early today! (and will stay for a bit if that makes any sense :smiley: )

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So the Sell window in the new UI STILL has overlapping fields, rendering it unuseable for trade. Who checks this stuff? Winnie the Pooh?


The minimum size of the Neocom has been reduced back down to 32px.

That will make a lot of people very happy.

Now that we got this bug out of the way and see that the UI can be much denser, CCP just needs to apply the same lessons to the stupidly bloated Photon UI and also make it denser and more compact by default and not just in the information hiding, more clicks requiring compact mode.

Mission Journal links can again be opened by others while in a fleet.

That is really great, too. Especially if you run epic arcs as team.

Increased the minimum distance away from a Control Tower that a CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon must be deployed at to 30,000 km (from 2,000 km)

Good that this was fixed, too. Just sad it was never declared an exploit. Now you just need to prevent these beacons from being used ongrid with any structure and everything will be fine. 10,000 km still leaves them ongrid with structures. The distance needs to be increased to at least 30,000 km just like with POS.



Hello, Sevlec Saaad :slight_smile:

I am sorry that this is still causing issues, we are aware of this issue and will hopefully have a fix out soon.

CCP Possum o7


It’s not about taking fights or not. It simply means that you need to evac every time someone refs your structure

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yea GREAT update ,cos you know there are milions of POS left intact and working in EVE
this is a joke , why dont you just stop and declare EVE as dead game instead of kicking the corpse and pretending that all is ok .
CCP has already giwen quantum cores as guarantied loot to they pets ,and now this .pleas do nice thing to all old and new players and shut down servers for good , cos with all this “GREAT UBER” updates of stupiditi in last 2 years EVE is going in that direction anyway .

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Time to put some capitals in build, it has been a while…

RIP to all small to medium C1-C4 Corps.
Perma reffs and always having to form, cause you gonna loose everything.


Erm - did you break it?

Are you experiencing bugs or an issue due to the latest patch? Please file a bug report or let us know what you are experiencing and we will look into it. :grinning:

we are at 3 shield bashed structures rn
All others in chain have been pinged and located

Then I’ll just mention it here alongside a report: When you try to start industry jobs just after dt I have obeserved that bonuses from structure rigs do not always apply. In my case 90 units of P4 needed instead of the “should be” 86 due to the rig.

Why don’t you go and bash the sticks when you hate em so much? :slight_smile:

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get to launcher → select account → character screen, missing characters and selecting the only character i can see doesn’t sign me into the game.

This is happening to all of my accounts.

Missing characters on each character selection screen and the one I see (the last one I logged into) when I click on it, I don’t sign into the account and nothing happens.

Hearing that Horde is purging Great Wildlands, now that they can do it faster. Hope nobody who lived there actually wanted to live there.


Thats the point of bashing em all in. No fights just fire. It’s a form of protest :wink:

Mad at CCP so you beat up on people who aren’t CCP, and give CCP the ‘look, content!’ they want. That tracks.


Already anchored Astra’s have 29.25m ehp now. I think something broke :smiley: