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Hello, everyone!

Our monthly update Version 21.01 is live! Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

Feel free to post any feedback you have in this thread.

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Scrollbar no longer overlaps brackets in in-space bracket group tooltip.

Reorganized the filter drop down menu in the D-Scan window.

Notification widget no longer has a plus symbol in the corner.

And some other thing lack the :handshake: to indicate that this was community reported and demanded content.

Updated it. :slight_smile: :handshake:

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  • Change the goal for Enter x Combat Sites in AIR Career Program to exclude combat sites happening in starter systems.
  • Updating the goal for Hacking x Containers in AIR Career Program to exclude hacking in starter systems.
  • Change the goal for Enter x Gas sites to not include Gas Training Sites Updating the Join a Fleet goal to only include pilots joining a Fleet.

While you’re fixing these loopholes it might be worth fixing the scanning and wormhole ones so you have to scan down more than one thing. As it currently stands you can just scan down a wormhole to 100% then keep clicking scan over and over again until the tasks are complete.

There’s also still the issue that the rewards go to your redeem queue, so you can complete them repeatedly using fresh characters in a spare slot, pooling the SP gains onto one character.

Added a button to notifications that lets you dismiss them immediately.

:laughing: Just yesterday I was trying to click on my notifications panel when a notification popped up over the top and I couldn’t get rid of it and I was thinking “damn this is annoying”.

get out of my brain


Reorganized the filter drop down menu in the D-Scan window.

Also, how does this work now? Can I rename overview settings to change the order of the list entries in that filter menu?

the docking animation is broken but its faster now … so if this is the price for speed its ok!


How much time did you waste on designing this new animation that is, comically, harder to read than before because of reduced text size. Who comes up with these time waster projects when you have hundreds of more important things to fix in Photon?


I could be wrong, but this seems to have been fixed to some extent. The missile icons do not clip into the window border anymore.

Even my ship icons don’t clip into the window border anymore. Impressive.

Shame that this is not mentioned in the Patch Notes.

so much this.

planetary interaction structure window does not close.

So is there any way to get rid of the 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 drop down crap on the dir scanner ?? or a way to revert back to what was working ?? or do we have to just put up[ with crappy shite now


could you please file a bugreport while you are having this issue and we’ll take a look! thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Station Services window layout has been updated.

What was the point of this?

Image shows the result of the Station Services window layout update, a wider Undock button…

Below is a link to my original post concerning the Station Services window layout. It would appear that the result of this change is that the button is wider and therefor technically takes up more space.

Perhaps my comprehension of player feedback regarding wasted space is limited, and why not.
Given this possibility my limited comprehension is thus; that the majority of the player base and a very vocal and resistant minority would prefer that the essential elements within the UI be less wasteful and more efficient in their use of space.

If the values of the player base were listed I believe that economy on space would rank above a wider Undock button in terms of design outcomes.

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I believe you can make the window smaller by unlocking it in the top right corner, and then shrinking the width down.

CCP Kestrel, thank you for your reply,

It’s not the width that is the problem, I want width.

It’s the vertical height of the menu bar that is the problem, as per my original post, the vertical height forces wasted space either side of the Station Graphic, Station facilities buttons, Undock Button, and Board my Corvette Button.

When you’re using the hangar in List format the number of vertically listed visible items is limited by how much screen space the menu bar occupies.

Compare this to the Inventory window which has a use similar to the Hangars window, in that you access it to view your items, using the Icons, Details, and List formats; the latter of which utilises columns as a means of presenting data, a feature that requires Width to view all available columns simultaneously and Height in order to maximise the number of displayed items per page.
The difference being that the Inventory window doesn’t restrict the number of vertical items displayed by including a vertically aligned menu display.

See Example Images Below from my original post

Compare to my suggested example.

The widening of the Undock button does nothing to improve the essential functioning of the Station Services Window, it’s a completely irrelevant change.

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before I try it all out, will it make my start up even more slower, from a 30second plus black screen to the docking annimation, there seem to be a lot of factors that prevcent me getting in to the game quicker

Rifter looks nice, will any more ship updates happen and/or redesigns, its been years since the last ones?

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This please

Looks like a great patch overall, good job! And thanks for all the SKINs for 1 plex \o/

Speaking of SKNS… i know that celebrating takes some time, but when do you plan to flip the page on the calendar in the store? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This issue of part of the digits being chopped off still exists in the display of corporation wallet and Evermarks…


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can you even use corpation evermarks?