Version 21.01 - General Feedback

also I got a notfication that the riffter model changed is this true?

I haven’t tried, but I’d imagine they can be transferred just as corp wallet funds can be.

Yeah it was shown on the CCP’s twitch 4 days ago. Here’s a video link with the timing:
Omg it’s the new super-cool rifter ;p

it really does not look that diffrent

looks a lot better now than it did before.

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This is needlessly wide. That popup was fine and informationdense before, now I have to turn my head while checking out the module.

Here is an example of an easier to read scaling

And another bad scaling with same module type for reference

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Does Bounty System figure in that list? Clearly it is something to fix as it was temporarily disabled years ago.
CCPlease fix.

In the patch notes, what exactly was fixed in this?

Fixed a issue where FW Battlefield sites, and Observatory Flashpoint Sites could be prevented from spawning properly.

Skins for 1 plex were great but is it just me or you cant put them in containers ? I have 100s of skins in secure cans but when i go to add these it wont let me ?


Don’t worry, there’s still more cheese to be had…

  • Completion of combat sites in starter system
  • Pods count for Destruction (a bit flakey since the retroactive goals). Shuttles are pushing it.
  • Corvettes count for PvP, even unmanned. Salvage too.
  • Entering the same combat site over and over.
  • Entering the same gas site over and over (yet unique regions are tracked for the Advanced Navigation goal, go figure).

How has the price of T1 exploration frigates not tanked now it is now granted on acceptance of career mission 2? Warp to starter system, loot anomaly, dock, profit! Grab a probe launcher while you’re at it.

Yep looks like these SKINs are only meant to be used. From the patch notes:

These offers retain Paragon’s excellent low price, but also cannot be moved or trades after redemption

Also, i’ve found the hard way that they even can’t be put in a ship cargo or direct traded. So basicaly they’re binded to the station where they were obtained. No idea why CCP didn’t make it clear with a direct apply icon in the redeem queue, like on those skins from daily login campaigns :confused:

Please decrease the time of the docking sound and the blinky symbol in structures, 1 minute is anoying. Edit: mulitple characters make it even more anoying, who would have thought that?

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heres an idea, how about fixing the docking animation so it doesnt take 42 seconds.

Thanks CCP Art Team for the smaller, simpler, much less annoying Docking notification animation. :slight_smile: I had complained about it in November The previous design sprawled across the screen, with unfolding geometric line effects. The distracting design went beyond providing what should be a low-key explanation of why a player has lost control of their ship (because they’re docking.) It said “look at meeee,” in block capital letters.

Please work next on the blinking white dots that < bracket > the word [DOCKING].

• In the first half second, I thought the white dots were a sign that my video card was overheating and starting to spit out artifacts.
• In the next half second, I thought they might be coming from something else: stations are full of blinky lights.
• In the second after that, I had it figured out. But I don’t think this blinky element on the sides fits with what’s going on in the middle. The yellow “construction tape” analog above and below [DOCKING] is all we need. The central elements could be 10-20% larger, after deleting the blinky white dots on the sides.

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Can we find a way to keep the Light/Dark Background settings once they are chosen. Individual windows randomly change to the default at any status change. Window sizes, list types, and other settings are all retained.

It is more than a bit annoying to suddenly be looking at a ghost image of your chat/inventory/fleet windows. Especially for us old geezers.

New Docking looks perfect.
Great immersive visual, thanks.


sent you a mail

Faster? It seems to go forever.

In fact, I just timed it. I get access to my hangers in an Upwell Structure (I’ve timed this in a Keepstar, hopefully it’s not different in other structures) about 14 seconds after docking - but the “Docking” animation goes for almost a minute longer - the two attempts I timed went for 1m14s and 1m08s (access to hangers was consistently around 14 seconds, though the UI starts to change in about 8 seconds there’s some delay as the game decided what it wants to display in the “docked” interface.

Why do we have to watch and listen to this for this long?

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So. I can dock in Perimeter TTT, grab a bunch of stuff, undock, warp to the Jita gate, take the gate, and be half way between the gate and Jita 4-4 before the animation goes away.

And that’s in a shuttle that doesn’t exactly warp quickly - other than the risk of it blowing up mid-journey, I think I’d probably be able to make it all the way to 4-4 in a Leopard…



now thats different from what i get … it was a longer “wait” with the old animation befor for me
so theres a difference

all in all … since the uprising update the load on the CPU/GPU is much higher … maybe its a hardware thing … it takes longer … is faster on different hardware?