EVE Online: Viridian - Expansion Notes

Hello everyone,

We are excited to release the Viridian Expansion to EVE Online next week at 11:00 UTC 13 June. We are doing it a little bit differently this time and we are releasing the patch notes for the Features & Changes coming in the expansion early.

The notes can be found here: Viridian - Expansion Notes

Please use this thread to discuss upcoming changes and give us your thoughts and feedback on the contents of the release.



Cant wait for the new expansion


I offer praise for providing the patch notes in advance. I like the reconfiguration of the Marauders but the timer on Bastion should’ve been left alone. Looking forward to it being returned to 30 seconds in the next expansion.


Looking forward to some of the changes.
Dreading others.

Such is lif… er… immortality.

–Space Goddess Gadget


Cool update.
Marauders’s Bastion Module is now better than that overpowered Bastion that allowed it to quickly leave in 30 sec and have E-war advantage. This might finally make playing with Dreads viable again, especially with capital industry costs coming down enough, hopefully.

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  • Planets have been added as shadow casters. This means that the planets now contribute to casting shadows in the game, further enhancing the visual fidelity of the environment.

Does this means day/night cycle for each planet?

That’s the play they’re probably betting on. All those annoyed Maurauder pilots will invest skill points and ISK into Dreads now.


Battleships should’ve never had that much power anyway. I think that we can all agree that Marauders were overpowered. 3 K DPS or even 4K is nuts. They still have the damage capacity.
Just the survivability is lowered, which makes it fair.

Lowering capital components volume from 10 K to 2 K is also a good move. Capital ship economy might really flourish again. Looking forward to it.

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yeah marauders where never used befor they reduced the cycle time not they move it up again. how about nerfing the damage if the damage is the problem not the usabilty of ths ship

but makeing sense out of ccps idea of balance i gave that up long time ago

This new expansion looks interesting, finally some industry change also.

What i dont like is messing up dmg type for T2 dreads! Did you notice you forgot Capital Lasers??? Who the hell thought its good idea to mix up capital weapons? Every faction has its primary weapon style, and it determinates capital weapons. Pls fix it!

Everything seems to be moving to the right direction with the exception of the LP tax and how it is going to get implemented.
You can’t force the corporation’s members to have an LP tax at the same rate of the main tax nor to force the corporations to reduce the main tax in order to reduce the LP tax.
You need to have separate values on both and on any other taxing that will come in moving forward.
ISK tax in a corporation at 10% is like having a 35-50% LP tax using this method. It won’t get the corporations stronger as you want to “sell” with this expansion but it’ll start destroying them internally.

PI needs a lot of rework too, introduce templates, less clicking, less effort, introduce the PI dashboard to be manageable through the Portal app so any jobs etc that need to happen to the planets can be done via the app as well and for the love of almighty…less clicking required to set up planets.


I hope the other parts of this expansion has new missions and more PvE content, especially ones for capital ships.
Adding new PvE content = more zones for PvP’ers to hunt.


For the Marauders, it states:
The Electronic Warfare resistance bonus to Sensor Dampener, Tracking Disruptor, and Target Painter resistance has been removed.

Was ECM forgotten or intentionally not removed?

Good progress and balanced moves from CCP, but… Got excited to potentially return to the game because I thought there was finally multi-role small-team content in the game with the homefront operations, but no, they’re just glorified missions. Why, oh why, do you guys refuse to create multi-role content? Would be awesome to have something that requires a group of 5 to specialize in EW, combat, hacking, hauling etc all in the same “raid” and make it difficult.


I hope its going to be addressed with this year’s second expansion. I think the New Eden News suggests it:
Federal Industry Automation Act has been passed by the Gallente, lessening law restriction on using AI. I hope it will positivelly affect PI experience and not the IRIS solely. I just noticed the game developement roadmap is somehow mirrored by Lore and the news :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it highly wild to change dreadnoughts primary weapons from their T1 variants to a completely different weapon type in their T2 variant. This is something I’d not mind seeing in subcaps as the training time for that is significantly less, and leads to more specialization. This shift is too expensive in time and isk for just one or two dreads to do this. It’s unfair and unbalanced towards those dreadnoughts that are huge time sinks already. Highly advise a rework on the weapons bonuses and weapons fitting on the four dreanoughts to either all be different or for them all to be the same as their T1 variants.

Jump freighters are still ■■■■■■. They fixed the cloaking aspect but the t2 dreds can still be cynoed in on a gate and lance a jf. :confused:


Mentioned above but the LP tax needs to have a seperate tax rate to NPC ratting bounties.

Taxing at the same rate just shows CCP dont really understand how some of the major groups generate the LP. You run the risk of completely discouraging these communities as it becomes more beneficial to be in NPC corps with 0% tax on LP.

Also, Its already a ‘taxed’ activity in some cases.

Please, allow for LP tax rate to be different to NPC bounties.

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They’ve said in 1 of their streams they plan on splitting it already. @Xallaxa

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Very good,expect :+1: