EVE Online: Havoc - Expansion Notes

Hello Spacefriends!

The Havoc Expansion is right around the corner, releasing next week on Tuesday, 11:00 UTC 14 November. We want to emulate what we did with the Viridian Expansion in June and release the patch notes for the Features & Changes coming in the expansion early again.

The notes can be found here: Havoc - Expansion Notes

Please use this thread to discuss upcoming changes and give us your thoughts and feedback on the contents of the release.


Looks awesome, can’t wait!


Hello CCP,

Thank you for another great part of Eve Online. Sadly one of our most favorite new ships has some strange fitting boni and layouts:

Thank you for your time and fly safe!


The FOB can spawn at any temperate planet in the FW warzone, which will start an insurgency from that system and include 4 nearby solar systems to start the insurgency with.

Future iteration - consider 2-5 random neighboring systems rather than always 4?

As insurgency content is completed by either the Pirate or Anti-Pirate sides, systems will increase in Corruption or Suppression.

Based on these patch notes neither Corruption nor Suppression ever decreases for a given system and given insurgency, confirm?

Suppression: The NPC bounty and sec status gains are low value. I think the target market for those is risk averse and is likely to avoid this content, so it wont attract them and won’t help the suppression effort. I would rather you give FW side the same increased PVP droprate, instead of the NPC buffs.

Thanks for custom color themes. Do I remember this from way back or has it always been palettes?

The changes to Vehement, Vendetta and Vanquisher BPCs and production costs haven’t been mentioned.

As part of Havoc, the Settings Menu has been granted more screen real estate. It is now full screen and will look and feel more modern.
How long will it be able to hold user settings?

No bubbles in Zarzakh, confirm?

Also confirm, everybody can throw bubbles in stage 5 corruption (not only pirates)?

Else I like that they added a bonus for countering the stage of the other side … else I’m still sceptical of this too much “PvEvP on rails”.`

After reading again, it’s also unbalanced, playing the pirate is the more attractive option for PvP-oriented players… as if empire FW folks would be all carebear farmers cough.

Any update on if and when we can expect the return of the arenas?


Sounds great, but my character cannot participate.

You guys REALLY need to come up with an easier way to fix bad pirate faction standings. And no, allowing us to run the pirate arc every couple weeks doesn’t do it because many of us CANNOT run that arc. I have been Galmil over a year and the Gallente still don’t like me enough.

Simple and best solution: Add “Pirate Bribery Tokens” to the Eve Store, allowing us to buy standings with plex/isk. That, or just zero them for everyone and start fresh.

You guys damn well know that your faction standings system is a complete wreck and has been forever. Until now it hasn’t mattered all that much, but this is really a big deal. The first expansion in a long damn time that adds something interesting to the game, and you exclude most of us from participating.

Fix it please!


Is corruption going to be permanent in a system ?

Lol, you edited the patch notes after release, shame on you.

I still think bubbles in Zarzakh are a mistake, you just fell for the disinformation campaign of the nullsec CSMs, as usual. Because they are not the ones suffering from this (as they pretend).

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Corp projects, Scan Signatures

  • ISK reward per 100% scan of a signature.

Is that for the first scan of the signature by a corp pilot or does every pilot in the corp get a reward once if they scan the signature?

USIA can fix your pirate standings for you. Reach out to us for a quote

Also, raising one of several corps can give you access so you CAN run the arc

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Thanks for updating the expansion notes with new capital production costs.

So, if a High Security system reaches Stage 5 Corruption, there are no consequences for gankers - they can attack whomsoever they like without Concord responding.

This seems a recipe for disaster. Turning HS systems into effective NS, as stupid as letting the NS clowns destroy Niarja in the name of the Trigs. No apparent mechanism for reversion? Oh, and carefully hidden away on the Expansion Notes page where you have to click on Stage 5 Corruption before it is exposed.

I am sure someone will come along and mouth trite platitudes about how all HS players need to do is organise themselves and play this new form of FW and stop systems being corrupted. It is not going to happen. And the gankers will simply mass their multiboxed alts to corrupt a key system so that they no longer face consequences.

Unless I have completely missed something, this is a massive stealth bonus to ganking, completely changing that mechanic.

@Mike_Azariah: whilst respecting your NDA etc, this seems something where CSM ought to be asking whether this is really wise…


“The Vehement, Vendetta, Caiman, Loggerhead, Chemosh and Dagon will have their build costs looked at after Havoc.”. Well that is kinda messed up considering you have already jacked up the cost of those same BPC’s. Really is it that hard to adjust the build quantities !!! Once again CCP breaking stuff and just ignoring it while introducing fluff.


Yup. The gloves come off. So you can camp the gate with Battlecruisers and fast locking cruisers and blow up the gankers when they land. You can do the same thing in a belt. You can engage them before they aggress and blow up their little dessies. You can damp them, jam them Sam I am them. Get every other miner in a T1 Thorax or T1 Caracal. Have two Raven loiter and orbit at 225 km.

For goodness sake have some fun. You’re a miner, you got isk for this.


Gankers hold nothing compared to those triglavian collective.

We will be fine!

That is because they are doing them at a later…date even though they have changed the cost of the BPC’s to buy.

  • All variants of the Pyrolancea damage boosters will now boost Vorton Projector Damage.
  • New mutaplasmids have been added for Vorton Tuning Systems.
  • Added faction and officer variants of the Vorton Tuning System weapon upgrade module.

Ehhh… this can seriously OP the Stormbringer in Abyssals. If the Damage output with Pyro + Factionmods is strong enough to survive T5/T6 3-in-a-row-Overseer spawns and it does not run out of time there any more, the money one can grind in these will be enourmous given how fast they clear all other spawns. Time to really reconsider the allowance of T5/T6 in HighSec. If you can make a billion ISK/hour with Stormbringers in there, this cannot be healthy because it simply devalues all other activities.

  • Wolf-Rayet wormholes will now apply their small weapon damage bonus to small Vorton Projectors.
  • Magnetar wormholes will now apply their damage bonus, as well as an explosion velocity penalty to Vorton Projectors.
  • Black-Hole wormholes will now apply an explosion velocity bonus to Vorton Projectors.

This could be interesting as well. Don’t think it will be that OP tho, since Sleeper BS often have very high HP and don’t stay too close together.