Do you like the Havoc expansion?

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“Expansion” is kind of a joke. Other than player SKINs, I think 2024 is going to be a massive letdown for EVE. The Marauder and Triglavian changes were pointless.

Vanguard is shaping up to be be vaporware at this rate.


It does not seem like 2024 is going to be a good year for EVE but lets see. If not, lets hope CCP spent that time making some changes in the company so 2025 will be better

It’s a pretty big expansion for pirates and FW as a whole. Just because you don’t interact with the content, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

2024 will depend on how those who live in null take to the upcoming null sec changes. They are the majority of the players after all.

“Havoc” now… I’m curious how many fancy names they can come up with to say “Ships go boom”.

Only about a fifth of the player base lives in null-sec.

More like 35-40% in null, with a lot of high sec actually being logistics alts for null. You would also be surprised with how often null sec folk will fly into high/low sec. I will say I might have overestimated by saying majority and actually meant plurality.

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The chart is fairly old, but it’s from a time when going to null-sec was seen as a much more desirable thing than it is today. There was some kind of dev bit about it a few years ago that I can’t find, about it being somewhere around 20%.

Also keep in mind that any character doing “logistics” for a null-sec “main” or whatever by ferrying stuff around in high-sec is still technically a high-sec resident if all they do is fly a hauler around high-sec.

I’m was more referring to the last Havoc “update”, which was a joke.

I’m not too sure that it was the road mapped update, especially with the apparent turn around from the CSM summit to the patch. I would at least expect some New Eden news, and beginning of a lead up to the Summer expansion…Similar to the Shadow war of last year.

Havoc was beta for sov mechanics. Be patient, you’ll get your nullsec update soon (tm.)

I couldn’t really care about nullsec updates. More high-sec content would be nice (considering the vast majority of players reside there).


More work on Homefronts would certainly be appreciated. Some way to seamlessly onboard players into group play.

Personally I’d enjoy some fw homefronts too. Some highsec pve content specifically geared toward the fw crowd that would affect the warfront in some way. I know some of the fw people don’t like the pve in their pvp game mode, but the farmers do provide a target to shoot at.


Have you ever tried engaging FW targets in high-sec?

Homefront solo play (or at least battleship size) would also be nice.


Yeah, that thrasher kill I shared with you the other day was a highsec kill. Periodically people will mess with the trade hubs hoping to pick off low hanging fruit. If you can tackle them, and pin them down, the faction npc police will kill them for you. Not that I needed the npc help in that case, it was just an arty thrasher that couldn’t track me.

Any solo play should be geared toward pushing people toward playing with groups in an organic manner. For instance sites that have 5 cans to hack, but 5 seconds after one of them is hacked, the site finishes. With the way homefronts pay out, that would encourage people who run them to group up with other people when the various people come across one another.

The same thing could be done with logi. have a mechanic that requires the player to continually channel rr onto a target for a set period of time. If the lock breaks, or the rr is stopped, the progress gets reset. Once one of the targets gets fully repaired, the site completes and people get paid based on how many targets were repaired successfully.

Both of those mechanics are basically the same thing, just using different game mechanics. You can do the same thing with dps. or hauling. or some sort of racing minigame with shuttles. There’s really no end to the various possibilities.

You completely missed my point.

what was your point?

That doing FW PvP in high-sec is intentionally prohibitive to such an extent that it’s impossible to do in any practical sense aside from a handful of very specific cases that rely on cheesing the system (or using genuine exploits).

Maybe it’s not a perspective you can relate to because you’re the one doing FW PvP with the NPCs on your side. Go try it the other way around and report back on the viability of “FW PvE farmers providing a target to shoot at” in high-sec.

If it was that prohibitive to do, people wouldn’t do it. It hasn’t been overly common recently, but about a year ago I frequently saw enemy militia camping the various trade hubs. The only relevant thing that’s changed since then is the number of active militia members.

There are two main strategies people use that work:

  1. Over tanking, such as using a legion or logi chains. (Not that a legion is Homefront eligible, but the same concept applies to t1 ships.)
  2. Sniping and warping away before the faction police arrive.

Even if no other possibilities existed, gankers could use catylists in the same manner suicide gankers do, and flee before they take too much dmg from the police.