Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

As new technologies for resource acquisition emerge in the form of Upwell Refineries, new moon mining capabilities and refined reaction processes, pirate factions have set their sights on taking a slice of the dwindling resources that remain in New Eden.

With more tools for resource gathering at the hands of capsuleers than ever before, the competition for raw materials and supremacy over space is becoming more heated than ever as the cluster is pushed closer toward the brink of all out conflict.

We are proud to announce that the next expansion, EVE Online: Lifeblood, will be deployed on Tuesday October 24th, 2017.

Lifeblood brings a whole host of new features and changes to New Eden, including new Upwell Refineries and new moon mining mechanics, along with a complete shake up of moon mineral distribution.

In addition to this, a complete rework of the reactions system will also be included in this deployment, as well as new Pirate Forward Operating bases, the new Mining Ledger, improvements to the interface for The Agency, and a balance pass that sees a wide range of improvements to many hulls available to Alpha pilots.

Also included in this expansion is a brand new feature for high-security space, Resource Wars, which allows capsuleers to assist their chosen empire with resource gathering in combat or mining roles, as part of new collaborative gameplay content for New Eden.

Check out EVE Updates for more details on what’s coming in EVE Online: Lifeblood.

What next?

In the runup to the release of the expansion, we’ll also see a number of changes in the September release, which include improvements to the NPE, a new Market Ticker, improved weapons firing effects, the introduction of new moon mining skills in preparation for the release of Refineries, as well as visual overhauls of debris in game, and a brand new event from The Agency – Warzone Extraction.

Check out EVE Updates here for more details on the September Release.

Winter 2017-2018

After the release of EVE Online: Lifeblood, there’ll be more progress on balance moving towards Fanfest 2018, as well as the introduction of new Guristas Shipyards and capital ships. These are just a few things that are coming up over the course of the winter, so stay tuned to EVE Updates for more information.

Keep an eye on the Upcoming Winter page on EVE Updates for more information as it becomes available.



Me likey



Seriously, let me quote someone who put it far better than I ever could back in the glory days of proper dakka:

Stitcher > You can fit seven autocannons on a properly configured Loki. The muzzle flare from each of these guns is longer than the ship, which means you wind up flying an angry ball of GUN. I think it’s safe to say that this is the essence of minmatar ship. there is more gun than cruiser. It is apparently held together by SleeperTech chewing gum and pleading. The hell with duct tape, they’ve apparently decided that all they need to get the ship to stay in one piece is to be completely batfuck insane.

Those were the days. Now? Even the most ferocious autocannon in the game is just a piddly little peashooter going prrllrlblblblt in the general direction of the enemies. The thunderous THOOM of artillery became the embarrassed clash of someone dropping a set of cymbals on a pillow. Underwater.

Get this right and you will have earned my subscription money for a while yet.


Can I mount it on a ship…please?

Completely agreed

Pretty neat updates.

But one question still bugs my mind…

I want the Marshal ;u; And already asked around in other news things with little to no response, I know you need to buy the tickets to get it, buuuut Fanfest is over so that is one ticket down and little info was provided about the other ticket. How does a person that is interested in the Marshal can acquire it? Or is it too late to get it now?



I am dying to get information on how to grab one ;_;l

It will be a project discovery reward.

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Looks nice. But really? PewPew sounds for that huge laser? Did you really have to go that far to convey the truth that these Refineries are nothing but Chinese plastic toys?

With regards to the forward operations points: It’s nice to see the Caldari Station Hub station being used. That’s an awesome model direly underutilized. :slight_smile:

Oh, and by the way: The EVE Updates page is just as broken as my ingame camera when I try to look at a Fortizar form a carrier. Instead of looking at the Fortizar/opening a link or staying at the current zoom level, the camera just zooms out and back in on my carrier without looking anywhere/the page blitz-scrolls back to the top and back down where I was when I clicked on a link (like the linked MArshal word). How about a fix for that?

Then I hope it is at 300, definitely not because I will get there today >.>

Are we to understand that these FOB’s and Resource Wars are to be the extent of the focus on high sec for the winter release?

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Oh, so there will be content for high sec!
There was no need to be so shy about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to it! Thank you for posting a date. So much time and so little to do…

In the Patron Saint of patina we trust!

I hope in the Alpha ship re-balance they give some love to the Burst and the Breacher.

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first off… the announcement trailer… PLEASE tell me that is not the final audio for the lasers. need" moar boomy base". as for the Emprie content… i like it but was kinda underwhelmed with the announcement as i guess i was expecting some sort of empire overhaul with the incredibly early tease and the super secret hush hush for so long.
alpha overhaul is very much welcomed but was very surprised to find your overhauling ships used by alphas instead of the actual alpha characters themselves and what they can train/use.

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Yes, you get two new major PvE content releases on the same patch, as well as a Balance Pass that will likely affect some of the ships you can use. In addition, Refineries will be usable in Hisec should you wish to gain the maximum return from your ore mining.


You should be able to buy it from whoever offers one. Better start making more money… :smiley:


Excuse the dumb question, but couldn’t they just get rid of highsec ore belts, or reduce their amount, and replace them with moon drilling? Maybe first by the empires, then have it slowly fade to players?

Curious, if that ever came up…