Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

The belts made by moon drilling are vastly smaller than regular asteroid belts, by a scale of magnitudes, so unless you wanted all belts to be taken away from HS, not in its current iteration. The CSM did discuss bringing it to the other areas of space (HS/WH’s) at the summit.

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The devil is in the details.
I remain justifiably skeptical until the specifics and economics are laid out.
If this is some just some shiny trinket like the Agency and PVE event before that, with a joke of rewards, then it is for naught.

These changes have to quite literally bring new trillions of ISK per month into high sec exclusively to even come close to justify the outrages done to high sec in the past years.

And as for that crap about a balance pass for ships I “might use”, that is also a joke. First off, history shows that balance passes have been a disaster. Secondly, they are in essence, supposed to be neutral (hence the word “balance”) Thirdly, any ship can be used in any sector of space, and I am no Alpha. So don’t try to pass off more screwing around with ship stats as something that is good for high sec, or high sec content.


Awesome news! Something to look forward to in October :grin:

Especially happy to see new collaborative Pve content for hisec, well done CCP.




Yeah! New content and in October to boot. Well done and can’t wait to see the details.



Is this new market ticker customizable?

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Yes please ! As an alpha I’m curious about the balance changes and excited about the improved weapon effects.

Need more data, I don’t know what to think about it yet. Things looks promising but knowing CCP it may end as well as last agency events…

Interesting. For you, it’s not about the content, but about the money.

it’s all about the money. The content and potential fun doesn’t matter. What matters is the reward, or incentive. For you, that’s the reason to run this content. The money.

You underline this perfectly in your next paragraph, where you talk about trillions of isk the people of highsec should become/earn/etc., aka higher payouts. I don’t see the point behind this, because there is no reason for increasing the rewards, unless it’s for people to make more money they don’t actually need, because prices for everything but PLEX are pretty low.

This leads me to a question! :smiley:

Are you a farmer?

If they add trillions of ISK to high-sec, the “null-sec cartels” will put more alts in high-sec and farm it for all it’s worth.

Multiplayer PvE? This is what CCP thinks that highsec space needs?

CCP: bringing water to places where no horse would even pee, let alone drink.


Oct 24th we are all farmers, now


Not to state the mind-bogglingly obvious, but for some people, the money is their fun.

Ugh. Deal with high-sec and all of the utterly ridiculous crap that entails? I think I’d rather drive a railway spike into my urethra.

We do need more information on these FOBs and ‘Resource Wars’ though… and maybe, I dunno… an actual trailer, instead of just an animated version of the moon-mining header art we’ve been seeing for six months, with sound effects from the cartoons of the 1970s? Half-expected to hear ‘Spaaaaaaaace Ghooooooooooooooooost’ in the background there.

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It’s multiplayer PvE, Dinsdale. You should guess who is gonna bother with it as highseccers keep quitting over lack of new solo content.


Yes, because highsec is not dying from a starvation of additional solo content.

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The FOB’s sound intriguing.

I’d need to hear more about Resource Wars but as presented it sounds like an epic fail. If it causes negative empire standings nobody interested in HS PvE is going to touch it.