EVE Online: Equinox - Expansion Notes

Hello Spacefriends!

The Equinox Expansion is right around the corner, releasing on Tuesday, 11:00 UTC 11 June. We’ve gotten accustomed to delivering the Expansion Notes early, as we did with the last three Expansions, so here are the patch notes for the Features & Changes coming next week.

The notes can be found here: Equinox - Expansion Notes

Please use this thread to discuss upcoming changes and give us your thoughts and feedback on the contents of the release.


I really hope these Shielded Starbase, Occupied Mine and Attack Site names are just placeholders. It would be a real bummer if the tradition of unique faction names for combat plexes and escalations was replaced with bland, unimaginative and repetitive name copies.

With regards to the planet graphics overhaul: They retain their dynamic nature, in particular the gas giants and storm planets, which have really dynamic and chaotic atmospheres?

Default Ship Naming: The rename ship popup now appears when assembling a ship, and default names are restructured to show the ship type name first.

That’s really great! Does this apply to the pod as well when you lose your ship in space?

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When will the items stack multi-split QoL be added?
I’ve heard it was mentioned during last CSM meeting…

Kind of hoped to see it done at last :slight_smile:
Oh well, maybe some other day the dream will come true :pensive:
I need so little to be happy, really :wink:

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Will the Drifter still gonna be trying to warp away to WHs?

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Daily SP Bonus Reward Changes : Completing two distinct goals daily will now grant 5000 SP

That, you changed it today, without the monthly progress…


So another buff to null and nerf to j. What is the logic behind locking smaller groups out of making isk in C5/C6 space?


With Drifters and Avengers despawning if no capital is within 100km of warp-in, does this mean they also only spawn if a capital is within 100km of a warp-in?

Follow up question: Is the only way to run a drifter with the new nerf to also run the full dread escalation?

C5 & C6 Cosmic Anomalies and Signatures

  • A capital ship must be present in sites prior to the appearance of the Decloaked Transmission Relay to trigger the Arithmos Tyrannos spawn in C5/6 Cosmic Anomalies.
  • Any escalation waves, including the Arithmos Tyrannos, will despawn if capital ships leave the site, or strays further than 100KM of a site’s warp-in point.
  • Lancer Dreadnoughts will now trigger escalation waves in Cosmic Anomalies and Cosmic Signatures.

Thanks for screwing the wormhole community. Null sec carebears get to rat in relative safety and wormholers get jack***?? I guess i can stop playing the game end spend my money somewhere else?


To whoever took the time to look into Insurgencies and decided to make the changes to move the fight to the frontlines instead of hitting rearguard over and over again… THANK YOU!


" * A capital ship must be present in sites prior to the appearance of the Decloaked Transmission Relay to trigger the Arithmos Tyrannos spawn in C5/6 Cosmic Anomalies."

“All sites, excluding Abyssal Artifact Recovery, have had their payouts reduced.”

You are aware April fools was 2 months ago, right guys? Guys…?


No april fools buddy… just forcing ppl to dread crab… oh wait… thats only 1-2 groups effectively… so… screw you for beeing a roacher or medium corp… go play with the big groups or leave… (said by someone very pissed about this and not in these afformentioned groups)


Players can also save up to 5 designs for future manufacturing.

But … why?

Lots of talk lately about “strengthening the identity” of your corporation and alliance by wearing SKINs - not mentioning that it’s going to cost thousands of PLEX to let many members of your corp actually wear the SKIN.


Because hole control is totally not a thing. Just takes a bit of effort. If we can constantly deal with WHs and intrusions through same then so can the elite pvpers in WHs :stuck_out_tongue:

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The issue is smaller groups with wormholes with static C5/C6 that don’t to field capitals are getting fd with the update. And you cant really deploy capital from anything below C5 into neighboring C5/C6


Yea. We are also getting messed up with even more easy plunder mechanics that demand that you sit around and wait for hostiles to show up so you can react in time (hopefully less cancer than ESS fiasco). CCP doesn’t actually play this game so screwups are to be expected.

It’s adapt or die. WHs will have to work together or get crushed by those that do. Sorry.


On the upside i guess sub cab fits will be cheaper to run C5/C6ses.

CCP at one point killed all the collectives that live off rating in c6 and c5 that don’t have capital wh there


274 wh systems

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Well our main money maker is gone now so guess what we’re going to do instead? :wink:


That’s a good point, guess we’ll just have to focus on farming the null bears harder.