Version 22.01 - Equinox - General Feedback

Hello everyone,

We are super excited to release the Equinox expansion to EVE Online today! Here you will find links to helpful information with regards to the Equinox expansion.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback here for this patch version.

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Awesome sauce

Struggling to find the bit where the numbers have been added.

Edit: Were these here the whole time ?

When will the roles functions in the Corporation tab, i.e. assigning them, colouring things, how to click on different sets and other functions get the same treatement as the menu interface being changed?

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Not a fan of all the new planet graphics. Especially the lava planets show clearly that the textures are just layers floating on top of each other.

Old Lava Planets definitively had a more nuanced, gradual, cohesive and interconnected planet texture that made different heights not so starkly separated from each other and feel more like clouds than hardened lava.

Plasma Planets, in contrast, seem to have retained this better perceptible interconnectedness of the crust layers. Although effects like these winding oily plasma fields (I suppose) look very cheap and out of place, compared to the rest of the planet features.

Barren and Ice are pretty, though, much more detailed and interesting to look at. Gas as well, I even saw a new type of atmospheric disturbance. Storm hasn’t changed all that much, but the lightning storms seem to be more detailed.

Temperate are also fine. Although some are really krass.

Like this massive fault complex or the gigantic river flood basin.

These features also repeat themselves really visibly and disturbingly. 6x on this particular planet, all lined up in a bead chain.


are custom skins coming for t3 cruisers?


Is the Metenox Moondrill BPO missing in the market? I can’t find it, same with the SOV Upgrades for Ore, there is only the Tier 1.

According to hoboleaks the marketGroupID Attribute is missing

The Jump Fuel Conservation skill again does nothing for the cost of Conduit Jumps, now that Carriers got this ability.

While this also was the case for blops and Rorqual Conduit Jumps, it’s still strange and I believe it should be changed for all conduit jumps.

I would expect a skill that exists to reduce jump fuel costs to reduce the costs of group jumps too.

I don’t ask this because I want group jumps to be cheaper, I just want that skill to be relevant and that it does what it claims to do. Feel free to increase the base cost of conduit jumps as compensation.

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Lighting in the SKINR window needs to be better. There should lights from below as well. I’m currently playing around with an Oracle. The top half of the ship is well lit, the bottom half is too dark to see anything.


Localization miss on skill window (Japanese)
“Social”'s mouseon explanation has replaced the new skill “Sequencing”'s explanation.

ソーシャルのスキルのマウスオン説明に、新スキルのシーケンシング の説明が入ってしまっています(置き換わってる)。
スクリーンショット 2024-06-11 210856

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lol new ship trees added and OF COURSE the relative icons had to become bigger

guys stop making the UI bigger, we still believe the skill interface sucks and you keep bloating stuff
or at least give us a UI scaling option below 90%


Interesting. CCP worked on the UI again (without mentioning it anywhere) and improved the Scanner window slider bars.

And screwed up in other areas. It is nice that you removed some pixels between ship icons. Great. You over did it because now the icons have no space in between them. That is one issue. The other is the longer icon height. The icon height needs to be shorter again and there need to be 2-3px between ship icons.


Personally, I prefer this new ship visual. I don’t need a lot of space between my ship icons, I just want them close together so I can squeeze more on a row

Spacing between lines in inventory increased, more waste of space.


Congratulations to you. With the introduction of the new ships, you could have removed all the old ones in this category from the game, as the new ones are simply much better. You could also remove stealth bombers now as they won’t stand a chance against the new haulers that coul pump out heated between 300-400dps+ and tank like a brick.
Beside that patch is boring as hell when nearly all content was made for nullsec people.


I hate those inventory cards !

What ? It’s selectable ?
Actually, turns out I like it. Especially since it’s selectable.


@CCP_Bee All the new additions to the UI look great and perform as expected as far as I have tried them. No major issues here so far.
The Ship SKINR is simply brilliantly done.
Thank you!
Great job! :clap:


Any indication what will happen to the Defunct TCU BPOs? I recall seeing IHUB BPO will be converted but not clear on TCU…

I like the new ship hanger cards. Maybe add kill mark count to the card?

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So far…

Love it:

  • SKINR - …am I going to play with this :smiley:
  • Corporation window - Finally in line with the new UI.


  • Ships inventory - Nothing wrong, but I need to get used to it.


  • Volume of the sound effect when hovering over Daily Goals is way too high.
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