EVE Online: Equinox - Coming 11 June 2024

A big o7 everyone!

Yesterday the Upwell Consortium announced their new suite of structures: Equinox. We’d like to put in all the information (so far) into one central place, and answer some common questions you have from this thread (Equinox announcement), the EVE Discord, subreddit, and elsewhere.

There’s a lot of info to absorb, and there will be even more to come between now and 11 June. Similar to Uprising, Viridian, and Havoc, we will be spending a week on each of these major topics during our Equinox In Focus series soon, chock full of details. And then on 7 June we’ll release the full expansion notes for you all to review.

But let’s get started one some of the questions you’ve asked that we can answer now!

  • If the Orbital Skyhook is only in nullsec, how will I access my PI everywhere else in space?
    • PI can still be accessed by the POCO and will not be affected.
  • Will these new Upwell ships be available in all areas of space?
    • Yes! And the infrastructure hold that they have will also include PI materials.
  • The Metenox Moon Drill - where can I use it?
    • The passive moon mining abilities of the Metenox Moon Drill can be used in Nullsec, Lowsec, and Wormhole space.
  • What is the upkeep cost for these new structures, what are the limits, effectiveness, etc
    • We’ll cover all of this in a future blog

We can’t wait to share more info with you in the coming weeks! And don’t forget, Capsuleer Day begins next week on 30 April. Also if you want to check out the completed Orbital Skyhook, head on over to Auviken VI where Upwell has completed the build on their prototype.

See you in space!


question : what about the epithal ?


To be known from here-on as the Epitaph.


I wonder what are the overall goals of the Null Sov rework?
I would like to hope it’s to make SOV more interactive and less ‘drop ihub, get upgrades in, done’.
But the automatic moondrill seams to point in the other direction, I just hope we are not getting back into the days of ‘POS drills’
Also in the Upwell video there were no Refineries (Athanors, Tataras) in the hall with all Upwell products. Coincidence? =)

I’m not sure when you’d do it, but I really hope the plan is to eventually tie those automated miners into Vanguard, so the grunts can fight over them.

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<3 you guys rock.
I’ll be so happy not to have to do 400 jumps a month in a dst through low and npc null for just pi mats lol.

1 Question:
Will we be able to deploy mobile syphoning units on peoples auto moon mining citadels?
And will those syphoning units have a cheap core like 30-50mil to balance the risk/reward?

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are we back in the passive moonmining era or can we still moonmine in our ships?
if not what will happen to the skills and the points we spend on it?

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Will Entosis Sov being replaced with something else with this?

Without going into too much detail now, moon mining won’t be replaced by the auto moon miners wholesale. Groups will be able to decide which moons (if any) they want to use the Metenox Moon Miner on, and which moons they want to pull chunks from using a standard Athanor & Moon Drill.

But! There will be more information on that coming soon (and not soon™ :sweat_smile: )


Question: About corporation opportunities… wasn’t there a plan about “Public opportunities” (So even solo/indie players could accept missions from a player corporation like it was a NPC mission)?

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Just so it’s understood, the Interstellar Council for Project Equinox corporation was founded before the announcement of this expansion.

Question: are the new Upwell ships all Omega?

Is it intentional or an astronomical error to call the expansion, being released around the solistice, an equinox?

(i understand the RL conditions are a “corner case” :P)

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No, they’re strictly Alpha. LOL


Besides changes in SOV space I didn’t notice anything else is there more to be announced or should we just consider this the biggest SOV space expansion? I hope it’s the first and not the last.

ps bit dissapointed not SOV player

I think thee goal is the rework itself. If one sov system lasts long enough, it becomes stale and blocks get completely used to it to the point where it either becomes boring to do conquest or the system is so well known that cracks and unintended consequences start to appear.

So a change every couple of years, whatever that change might be, is the goal for itself.

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From what I read, it doesn’t indicate to me that the sov system will change. So far it’s only talked about new options for and benefits of holding sov. Potentially leading to groups having an incentive to contest sov more often (in fact unlikely).

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Sov is changing (ccp spoke about it at fanfest,) but maybe not in this expansion.


Nah, rather hopefully all bugs will be solved until the autumn equinox…

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Can we finally give the Primae parity with the Epithal instead of the ice hold it got when we updated mining? You know, the one that is smaller than the Endurance’s ice hold? Thus making it still nothing better than a hangar ornament.