Equinox in Focus: Reinvigorating Nullsec

As part of the Equinox expansion, coming 11 June, we’ve released a devblog covering the upcoming changes to nullsec. We’ll also be hosting a live stream on CCPTV tomorrow, 8 May, at 16:00 UTC.

Check it out, and if you have questions feel free to ask here or on the EVE Online Discord


Edit: Local is currently broken. Under the proposed mechanics, in about an hour a structure reinforced right on downtime would be coming out of the reinforcement phase. Before people get carried away with ‘short’ timers, can local be made a little bit more reliable?

Cannot say I am overly excited.

The Good

iHub/TCU combined into one
Upgrades to return minerals lost many expansions ago, big new asteroid fields 200+ km long
New Sanctum ratting site
Easier sites for newbs
No longer have to wait for indexes to deploy upgrades
Model reflects upgrades installed

Skyhook raid mechanics limit use of 100MN Phantasms that are uncatchable, gird is warpable unlike ESS, cyno jammer to stop being rofl stomped by cap drops right out of the gate

Moon Drill
Passive Moon mining.

The Bad

Giving back resources that were taken away should not be applauded, its an admission of making a mistake.

Force projection of defensive fleets will kill the ability for small groups to take advantage, so this will just lead to the rich getting richer unless Day-0 jump fatigue is brought back and the CSM null overlords would strongly protest that.

Cyno jamming on the skyhook does not explicitly mention jamming a covert cyno so people will just get nuked by a ton of SB and T3C’s repeatedly being dropped due to the previous jump fatigue. If its not systems wide, people will just light a cyno 160 km off the structure and this mechanic, while well intended will have no practical purpose.

Moon drill will be vulnerable to dread bombing like POS’s were in the old days. Not going to. know how this looks until numbers are released.

Hacking mechanic not clarified

No clarification on the future of entosis sov mechanics.


Lowsec metenox will depend on nullsec resources? I’m not sure I’m on board with that.

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Not sure that is the interpretation to take away from the video, which indicated it more planet based. With only 6 planet types it should not be as region locked as the old days of OTEC.

Grarr Dexx: Lowsec metenox will depend on nullsec resources? I’m not sure I’m on board with that.

big same here.
i’m still waiting for the slightest bit of ice in habitable Wspace, but this will only further my disapointment at wh being the duckling childs of ccp.

Looks Fantastic, I really hope with these changes more trade hubs will open up, I have a feeling they will pop up on the boarders of sov null in npc null and low sec.

Can’t wait to raid, all roads lead to roam!

What will happen of ihub BP (among other) ?

i think they’ll be changed for the equivalent of the new version ?

There used to be a null trade hub before PHEW & TRC killed it.

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You can put it next to your factional POS tower BPC’s and wait for CCP to reimburse you.

lol. no.

T_T sad, I’d give my left nut for the 4 empires to be split with low sec so jita isn’t the be all and end all.

CCP’s fault for hyping the station → citadel conversion and dragging their feet doing something about a entire region being cloaked camped by one guy with 99 alts.

About 3 weeks ago it was when corruption dropped a chokepoint into a 0.4 system.

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Not many people trust doing trade in someone’s citadel it needs to be some type of station with huge tax cut’s so it isn’t financial suicide listing items that no one buys and dying to tax.

I tried this back in fw space and the tax alone killed me (made losses) even after taking the system to lvl 5 for the tax reductions.

I thought maybe Zarzakh would be perfect as a hub but when I browse through the items even though they have everything they sell maybe 3-5 items per type. Forgot to check what the tax is there, but maybe it gets better over time.

  1. Ansiblexes getting fatigue? Otherwise what’s the point attempting to raid a skyhook in Nullsec to run a moon drill in low or WH, if 50 guys are just gonna pounce you from 26 jumps away (3 jumps for them)?
  2. WH moons going to be adjusted to not always be R4? R4 auto moon sounds like a guaranteed economic loss — making their use moot in Anoikis.
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Speaking of “the status quo in nullsec”: how will this affect the phenomenon of “renting out space” ?


I doubt it will change anything. If you are fed up of “renting out space" then you are in the wrong alliance!

This looks all very awesome. I just wonder how many of the players in EVE will actually come in contact with any of this gameplay. A couple hundred?

I doub’t big alliances can defend all those PI structures so they would have to shrink their empires to manageable sizes.

I have a feeling it would be something like:

Resources generated go into a temporary transfer state then after an hour it goes to permanent storage.

Anyone raiding and stealing resources can only steal from the temporary transfer storage.

Looks pretty but sorry no, I am still not going to dip into Nullsec. The “being able to hack the structure and steal resources” only means the corps that put those structures up will have to have guards on them 24/7 or they will be robbed blind. I am not sure if CCP realises that some people have lives outside of the game. “Lets add some fun gameplay, lets sit outside of a station and guard it, whoohoo.” I could have sworn I heard the word “reinvogorating” in there somewhere.

That’s unfortunate.

Living rent free in the heads of the slumlords, threatening the (back on topic) status quo, is already a sweet deal, no ? lmao.

At least the graphics look spiffing.
As to gameplay, we’ll have to try it out. Never a bad thing to look for new opportunities, especially after the “Upwell status quo” that started in 2015.

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