Nullsec dilema

So we all saw what happened today and that now there’s 2 major blocs really and any neutral won’t be for long as either side will try to absorb it and if he refuses it will have to jump to the other side for safety.

I think that’s due to the game not having a real reason to “fight” other than bring content to their members otherwise they quit.
IRL(I know this is a game) most wars are fought mainly for resources/land, which longterm will benefit a country and empower it, resources tend to be finite thus the one who can control more reserves will benefit the most long run and will be able to improve it’s system trough the economy benefit of that resource. Today we can see it with the rare minerals used for electronics/fuel… etc.
But in eve… They added scarcity but it isn’t really scarcity it’s just… more annoying… adding scarcity by increasing the cost of a resource that can be farmed 24/7 is not scare is just delaying it… yes short term you’ll have less capitals or whatever but long term they’ll still be there, as if before I had to mine for 1 day to get the materials for a capital… now I need 2 but I still get the capital.

So I feel Eve in a future expansion should add new types of resources that are important and finite, what I mean by finite is that there’s a limited ammount be it for a week/month, the corp that controls them can use them to get different boost… Like they can be given to industrialist to get a % bonus on the production off stuff, or they use reduces the costs of maintaining Keepstars, or whatever, a slight buff that doesn’t get involved directly in PVP, like a flat damage boost but that makes a corp/alliance get an edge over it’s enemies. The main point is this would incentivize to attack other coallitions for those rare resources, they would not be in any system, they would be trully scarce.

How something like that could be implemented I’ve no clue, and it’s even harder in a game like eve 20 year old game with player driven economy, if I give Frat X resource that boost the production of Avatars(Happens to be the meta ship 2 years from now) but I give goons a boost to the production of amarr shuttles ofcours that’s kinda…bad… and even more if the resource happens to be deep in Frat territory which it’s harder to get to.
The 2 ideas I got to implement this is either:

Planets: Make certain plantes trough the addition of industrial plans get X resources, those will have a X ammount and will repelanish within 1 month of it’s deplition. Those regions with those planets would be heavily contested and highly wanted by different corps.

Asteroids: Every X days Sisters of Eve sends a mail that they detected that in the following days steroid X will land on Y system with Z resource. thus making that system wanted and contested.

This real scarcity depending on the point would theoretically counter massive blobs too, because if we’re all friendlies in a huge reason but there’s scare resources and I can’t acces them because the stronger one of both of us controls them or just gives me a very small % I might want to break with him, look for another ally to go after him and he’s resources.

I just feel right now there’s no reason to war, other than I don’t want my corp members to go afk, because People in the north and in the south can get the same at any time however they want as everythign is infinite they just made it take more time.

(All I said take it with a grain of salt and not as a conclusive thing but the main idea is: No real scarcity of something to fight for=No real reason to risk a 4.000 irl dollar ship for “fun” when I can do it in a 20 euros marauder)

it was a rainy day. what else is happened ? anything real big or just big for you ?

and this will improve eve for what … ? bringing 1 nullsec block at the very top of the end and nobody can beats them ever cause they get the important minerals and can build their t3 cloaky titans ?

this just pushes the biggest ! the ones they dont need theese push ! will bring just more unbalance into the game

the first time there will be a fight but then if the winner has settled down they just sit on their power and dont let them go ! nothing will change with this

again → the biggest player will settle down on best planets and then never let them go !
there will be no constant fight for this planets

and the system got camped by any entity and nobody gets the recources oO

nobody will disband their alliances or coalitions because there are new materials on market xD

but your idea isnt helping

take the lead and creat activity´s and your corp member will be there ! its not what CCP needs to do ! we all play a game and if we dont have content then we are going. but most ppl dont wanna take the lead and creating some activities → everybody leaves ! you wanna play the game then do something for it and dont beg CCP that they create YOUR content

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Your 4-5 first points were adressed in the last part where a mechanic like this could induce in making massive blobs less sustainable due to scarcity of resources themselves.

The power is not inmediate as I said no buffs like 5% dmg to all corp members, more like long term buffs, so no it won’t be settled after 1 fight.

It’s not people disbanding their alliance/coalitions, it’s making a massive blob not sustainable, right now the only incentive to not all be 1 happy nullsec family is that otherwise there’s nothing to do but mine and rat XD
The activity has already peaked, fight so your members don’t get bored and quit, and the reaosn to fight is that otherwise what’s the benefit of me having 200 systems or 100, north coalition has 1000 systems 80% of them with no activity XD

nobody will fight for recources they end after a few hours of mining …

did i quote this and talk about it ? CCP cant buff a group with such a bonus… would be overpowered !
and a bonus for industrie or something else will still let ppl settle down because they can produce faster and with less materials → and this will be the largest group ! then they will block their systems and tada … nobody will fight !

if you cant see content around you its not CCP´s fault ! there is a lot of content what you can do … but if you just wait for an FC that he pings …

i can remember the SOV change where you have to kill SBU´s on gates and then the TCU and settle down if you wanna take a system to the actual fozzie sov … everyone said its impossible to hold more then a few systems by yourself and they thought it helps to reduce the blue donut !
look at the situation right now … big alliances holding systems they cant use because to much territory and conflicts are very rar …

your idea doesn’t change anything except that the richest and biggest can feel even richer and bigger ! all others will continue to be kept small.

and if you take something from all the f1 monkeys they will rebel and cancle their account !
you cant change the system with only adding new materials oO

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I can see content arround me, garbage content with 0 logical reason to do it but yeah there’s content XD.

My idea changes that 3 rich can’t be together if the 3 want to still be rich, only 1 will be able to be rich thus making the other 2 group up to take down the 1, Not like now where Imperium could join northern coallition make 1 blue ball and their economy wouldn’t even get affected, it would just kill the content of fighting for the sake of fighting.

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The North is more likely to fracture than to ally the Imperium.

This would never happen. They have very different ideologies when it comes to null sov. Goons have no reason to ally with them. They will stay in the South sure, but FRT and BOB (sorry I mean NC./Phorde) will either fracture or stay united and fight the Imperium.

Exactly. If anything, they will form even tighter bonds and even overcome hostilities (to a degree) to get unimpeded access to these limited resources. There’s hardly a reason to fight over such things if your established infrastructure binds you in place and makes it completely unviable to move elsewhere on a whim for resources.

More to that, if these resources are not reliably available in one area forever, there’s even less reason to fight over them. Their mobility does not make it possible to recover the cost of moving, especially for larger groups, and you can just wait until they rotate into or near your territory anyway.

OTEC used to be an interesting example of how coalitions form for resources and prevent others from attacking them through politics and trade. That was only possible because the resource in question was readily available, stable in its distribution and profitable to farm. Mobile resources impede such a development by the very nature of the mobile aspect.

That’s the idea of a negative-sum game : when conflict arises, what one person gain is less than what other person lose.
So if person are not strong enough, they can’t attack the strongest one and he can, so they can lose even more. Diplomacy helps solve that.

Yeah I know there’s a very small % but theoretically they could and they would suffer no negative effects due to their economies being sustainable without the adquisition of new land, as literally you’ve everything everywhere. People say that frat taking new territory is just for dead territory and yes, because they’ve the same already they gain nothing. But if a sistem close tk what I said existed they would gain some rare resource that doesn’t exist everywhere

What I said, would only be a mobile resource if used with the asteroid mechanic as if it were the planet system they would be only stationary and in designated system.

I just think that if the reward is good enough and let’s say there’s only 3 planets in the morth with those materials and PH takes them. Frat might get pissed at them so either try to find an ally to take them down or… pay isk x those resources on them. That would either put more pressure on their (unlimited) coffers or make a lower payment for their merc status making PH perhaps stop doing merc job for them and just sell those resources.
I know it’s all theoretically but this should be implemented with the idea to disrupt the massive blobs. And I mean only in moments like now where there’s 2 coallitions and to incentivize warfare and not stagnation. If this resources would be so rare acquiring them could be so profitable that perhaps even titans would become usefull again XD

Ywah but that’s why Is said that in a case of 3 theoretically this would push in a situation where the 2 weaker ones group against the strong evening the odds

Indeed. I suppose people forgot that some jspace gases were added into cap manufacture chain. All it changed is increase in the value of jspace gases and thus more people huffing there. That was it. The addition of PI only increased the value of PI. It causes short term market shocks (through demand hikes) that then benefit the people who make use of them.

There is a good reason why there is more and more miners in low sec and jspace. It’s called isogen and gases.

And OP also forgot that all the resources ARE limited. Namely by the rate at which they can be mined and by how many asteroids are out there. No, just because I can strip mine ore belt in jspace and it will shortly respawn somewhere in the constellation doesn’t make it infinite - unless I can keep strip mining entire constellation. The same applies to low sec ore anoms. Daily resets of asteroid belts are only that - resets. They don’t suddenly have more ore.

What you are proposing is making the creation of OTEC more likely. We have been there, it wasn’t nice. Same with TTT and taxes. Remember: cartel is above blocs. If it means they can keep forcing people out to null they will keep making cartels of one kind or another.

Yeah but gass huffing is no where near what I suggested XD, random spawns most of it on low sec and you’re not going to have full corps fight over a gass huffing site it will just be encountered by some random dude who will mine it and sell it.

What I’m suggesting is nodes like planets to contain rss on specific systems that are worth fighting for their control

but this will never happen … conflicts can only appear if the player wants a conflict !
CCP has very little influence what all the player´s want to be ! and tbh → most of them are crabbers they just want to have their mining fleet in belts or ratting ships in heavens and sanctums ! if you gonna take it away then ppl going crazy and leave …

perfect example was the blackout where nullsec had no local chat ( or delayed i didnt realy remember )
lots of nullsec f1 monkeys just left the game because they didnt know whats on next door and CCP take their loved activities …

i´m personal think, that nullsec shouldnt have a local or just with a TCU upgrade ! and cyno blocker should be removed so that you can jump in any system. maybe this will occure a little bit more to conflicts but at the end → players are to lazy and they will just leave the game

But you’re talking about mechanic to incentivize PVP which I agree, I in the other hand I’m promoting some sort of content that would make the PVP have more “benefit,reason” to be done, rather than I need to pvp because otherwise my corp dies of boredom

if your corp dies to boredom its not a CCP fault ! YOU are your OWN content creator ! CCP is not there that they bring the content to you !

and such statements like this …

…tells me you didnt see any content other then mining and ratting ! not my fault ! not CCP´s fault ! only YOUR fault !

Bruh… my corp ltierally right now might be the one with the most content, this post is not about the specific situation of 1 corp, but what could avoid to lead ALL CORPS into 1 bloc or another resulting in the polarization we’ve right now in the game where you’re either imperium or PH/FRAT

and i didnt say this on a specific corp … thats for ALL corps ! if you cant find other content then mining and ratting … your blind !

wont happen ! just because your not fighting each other does not mean your best friends and now 1 power block ! but still i can see why you wanna change this and i think its healty if the few big power blocks would split up ! but why they need to do ? theres no reason …

and your idea of new minerals doesnt change anything ! it will not start a new war … !

No matter how CCP designs it, the people in charge who refuse to go to war with each other right now will simply come to an agreement how to share the benefits of this new resource. They will create a new alt-corp to farm it, having brandnew altchars from each participant in it to control it and they will protect this new farming corp with their combined might to make sure nobody else gets a foot in the door around this new resource.