Upcoming DBS floor to be changed to 100%

So i just read about a proposed change to the Dynamic Bounty System for Null Sec, where the floor is being raised to 100%.

I would just like to say to CCP
Please!!! stop pandering to the braindead masses who only want an easier and easier game to get their quick dopamine fixes through, what’s next, no need to activate weapons and have them shoot automatically in order to save button pressing and thought needed?

The majority of people that you have attracted to your game over the last 15 years are either braindead who’s main priority is to put in as little effort as possible, or they are spoiled children who whine when you balance the game because it essentially means you are taking away toys they they didn’t respect or even deserve in the first place, and usually toys you didn’t expect to have given them either.

You don’t give children what they want in life, you give them what they need in order to stimulate their growth and advancement as individuals, that is your responsibility as the guardians of the world they inhabit.

So grow a spine, pick a direction you want to go in, and make the tough choices to make sure you get there.

Most of all, stop listening to the moronic children who throw temper tantrums whenever they don’t get what they want, they will adjust over time and the game will be better for it.

Local blackout for example, yes subs were down during blackout, but you caved too quickly.
Now these whiny children know they have you by the balls, and instead of going through the stress of actually growing a little and developing their character, they know that all they have to do it REEEEE loud enough about unsubbing accounts and you’d cave into their wants.

You don’t negotiate with terrorists or children, because you give either a cm, and they’ll take a km.

Now back to the proposed raising of the floor of the DBS, this only means people will no longer have to move around in order to rat, if anything you should be lowering the DBS, and implementing a similar change to mining to force resource shortnesses in order to force conflict.

Imagine if your region became so heavily used up that you needed to invade someone else’s region in order to support your manufacturing?

It has been proven that the biggest reasons for conflict in human history have been religion, resources, and politics.

  • Eve hasn’t really got any religious mechanics that can be used to force conflict.
  • You’ve spread the resources fairly evenly around all High, Low and NS to mean that no-one runs out of anything making them need to push into a neighboring region in search of what they lack.
  • And we’ve entered a relatively stable place politically where the major entities are all so large that a protracted war would serve no real purpose, and no-one wants to take anyone else’s space.

I remember a time where Delve and Deklein were the places to be due to the richness of the moons, and how many conflicts did that spark off?

My suggestions: (because there’s no point whining unless you have suggestions for a fix.)

- Keep the DBS floor low, 70% sounds reasonable:
This will force people to move about in order to continue to get a decent income, or if they are conflict avoiders they will be force to work harder for their precious isk which they don’t spend anyway.

- Link the DBS to the ESS cut:
The lower the DBS the higher the cut of isk is put into the ESS between payouts, meaning that people who aren’t willing to move around to rat (read provide content potential) will be forced to defend their ESS or loose even more of their isk as penalty for not taking risks.

- Introduce a mining resource scarcity mechanic to prevent people bunkering down in a single system or region:
Create a second DBS style mechanic that specifically focuses on M3 mined in a system, this Dynamic Volume System (DVS) would modify the rock sizes that spawn in that system in relation to the DVS.
You could then manage this mechanic the same way the DBS is managed, but looking at M3 mined vs isk killed over time.

- Allow the DBS/DVS to influence systems within a certain Lightyear radius:
Meaning that the DBS and DVS would have essentially an AOE effect across to other systems (Not necessarily through stargate connections but as a ly radius around the origin system), forcing people to move around more in order to find richer pockets in order to support their resource gathering and manufacturing efforts.

- Add a DBS/DVS overlay to the map:
Allow people to see the DBS/DVS % on the F10 map to encourage hunting of risk adverse areas.

- Link the DBS/DVS to a delay in local chat:
DBS/DVS below 100% would enforce a delay of names showing up in local of 1 second for every 10% below 100% (figures here are an example only)
Not a full blackout, but a risk increase, and a possible counter to the botting problems that plague NS

Now i know this is going to bring on the REEEEing from many people, so i’m not even going to bother checking back on this topic or replying to it unless there are legitimate questions or constructive criticisms.

Mostly i expect people who would have their precious AFK ishtar ratting, or their 12+ alt account mining fleet operations disrupted to weigh in with their crying over how they’ll unsub if this were to happen.

All i say to those people are, grow up, adapt, and overcome, life is challenge and it’s how we handle adversity that indicates our character, or lack there of.


Sadly, your ideas will not be heard.

We witnessed firsthand the favoritism null gets :smiley:

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I just can’t get myself worked up to care if null sec makes more isk. I want them too, I want low sec to have isk, and hi sec, and wormholes. All the people. I want everyone out earning pile of it all the time and buying all the ships and throwing them at everything. Scarcity certainly didn’t breed conflict, so why would more scarcity breed more conflict? If this brings back 3 more afk Ishtars per system and nothing else? So what? We can go shoot those where they weren’t there before.


Eve has The Code.

they go what they wanted
now they will finally stfu for 5 minutes
i call it the Mc Donald’s happy meal effect


i think you completely miss the actual effect DBS has had on null. null has bee fairly empty and inactive. and the PCU reflects that. that’s because the money is not in null. there’s no reason to be in space. vs abyssals


You need a new alt, everyone is on to this one.

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They’re not brain-dead at all. In fact, they the game’s smartest players by far. They know what they want (more money in wallet comparatively than everyone else in the game, less interference with the money getting in there), and they figured out a reliable way to manipulate the feedback system by block-voting via the CSM and complaint threads on Reddit. That is true intelligence, not “adapting” to the game’s difficulty by adjusting grind patterns in order to make a little bit more ISK than the next guy.

Isn’t that right, Lucas?

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The thing is, this doesn’t happen. People just log off. As much as I hate them constantly pandering to null groups, the game is not in a good place and they aren’t going to get anywhere by repeatedly nerfing every area of space. It doesn’t force people into other gameplay styles, it just pushes people out.

It also doesn’t help that CCP keep targeting individual level income sources but not alliance level income sources (such as TTT taking half a percent of the vast majority of pilots services items bought and sold in Jita). It would be better to keep active income high, reduce passive income and increase the costs to own and upgrade systems.


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They already have enough a thousand times over to buy as many low tier ships as they could ever want and they dont do this.

If you think that giving krabs more money equals them actually doing stuff I think you fail to undertand how their motivations work.


CPP’s first priority is money. That’s what Hilmar wrote:Greed is Good.
So now he should be happy, he has less players and MOAR Greed
Mission Accomplished Hilmar.

I was right to call you “slapface” back in 2017 based on your game charactet even though I had no idea who you were at the time.

If everyone earns more currency, nobody earns more currency as currency is just a means to indirectly trade your time and goods for the time and goods of other players, and those other players will value your currency less if they are also earning more of it per hour.

Increasing the payout for everyone doesn’t lead to more ship explosions, it just leads to people getting higher wallet numbers and inflation.

Omg that all sounds so s h i t . Dbs needed to be raised.
And for black out im all for no local. But with risk comes reward. Where is the reward???

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Exactly!!! Null is dead because there is no reason to have it. The isk income is terrible

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This game is being made a lot worse by people and their generalizations of other players. When will people realize that you can not improve one play style by screwing over another? Being part of this since a very long time ago, its a pattern I see over and over.

This guy is mad at young people - so we should all htfu . tldr

Damn those non specific people and their generalisations.

Of course it is their priority, and buffing nullsec again is an attempt to regain players they lost through nerfing it.

I’m not really sure why you’re upset with what I said, it’s just reality.

I don’t know how you got that I was upset, much less upset at you.

This kinda suggested it:

Then I failed at posting that because I address Hilmar with that statement.