So Where is the Game Mechanic That Allows us to Flip a key Null System to Hi-sec? :psyccp:

Seems a little one sided that a huge null sec organization can flip Niarja using game mechanics, while meanwhile there is no way for a group to go and flip one of their key null system to CONCORD occupied hi-sec.

They can interrupt hi-sec players gameplay, but there is no mechanic to allow a return of the favor.

Should there be?

I don’t have much skin in the fight either way, just a interesting thought I’d like to hear y’alls’ opinions on.


Nullsec doesn’t like their playground messed with, but they’ll piss all over others playgrounds… Hell they tried to make null like WH with the blackout and look how many cried.


Flipping High sec systems to Null sec will cause a lot of issues for the games future, not everyone wants to be a PvP pilot.


The agenda to eliminate highsec and force every player to low or nullsec is going on for years now and i don’t think, it’s going to stop soon.


The GSM would never allow this.


OMG! Don’t reveal the man behind the curtain! The king has no clothes! Soylent Green is … people!

He said flip NULL to HIGH, btw.

A “developer” would really have to be able to code to make this game’s dynamics work in a way that makes sense, or haven’t you noticed yet? All the new stuff is EYE CANDY, If they keep changing the partline, and use the outrageous dye, it could give the appearance of real CHANGE.

Then, what do I know? I’m payin’ a guy in a tower out back to turn dirt into gold. He swears he’s almost there!


You’re always allowed to interrupt null sec players gameplay by invading their space. It’s just rare that null sec players can return the favour.


Hey OP, how are ya gonna go flip a militarized, sovereign power’s system, when y’all are afraid of your own shadows? You realize you’d have to actually go there to do it, right? lmao


even if there is a mechanic to flip a null sec system first you need to undock :worried:
them you need to go there :cry:
and you can lose your ship :sob:
nvm :sweat:


It isn’t really. Not one ■■■■■■■ carebear will go to null and fight trying to change the system to high sec.


CCP should allow it for that very specific reason. I want to be able to laugh at them and point out how they’re a bunch of ■■■■-talking hypocrites.

On the other hand, it would give even more wealth to null-seccers…Tough choice.

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Hey OP, you know you can just go outright capture most nullsec systems?

Seriously! Most of them can just be outright captured, and this has been the case for a VERY long time! You don’t have to wait for a special event or permission from CCP or anything like that, you can just up and go take entire systems whenever you have both the inclination the firepower to do so.

So what are you waiting on?


They could make it an event and if the result is as we expect: highseccers stay away and nullseccers get wealthier, the event can end. At least it will have shown the highsec carebears are indeed the worthless pile of ■■■■ players I think they are. And that’s also true for my own high sec alts! Filth!


His testicles dropping.


It works better if you let them come to the obvious conclusion themselves.

The only reason I haven’t biomassed my high-sec characters in shame is because I only use them to kill other high-sec characters.

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I will call all of them to a meeting and lay before them the question: get out of HS or die!

Call them to the meeting and just kill them. Send a message to everybody else.

Ohhhh… that is wicked! I like it.

I don’t see why there should.
Even if there were, it’s not like you kids have the strength in order to actually flip it, lmao.