EVE Online: Equinox - Coming 11 June 2024

I think that by making the epithal worthless, your primae will have a friend of uselessnessnessness

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So glad I recently bought a Eptithal BP and started researching it to improve efficiency… :slight_smile:


You promised us sov mechanics changes for the summer… It has been almost 11 years since a review of those .
Instead, you provide more automation for the RMT botting empires of nullsec …

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I do appreciate that some of these questions may be answered very soon on an article that you @CCP_Swift have eluded to but I cant but mention them in case they haven’t in the drafts so far:

Q: As mentioned the Metenox Moon Miner isn’t a replacement for athanors but an option. by that assumption you cannot place both on a single moon correct?

Q: Is the Metenox Moon Miner’s passive output lower than the output of an active athanors potential output? if so (and i hope so) by what rough margin are you considering it to be? and is that based on maximum output of a moon? or more realistic mean or median (or mode) output of athanors in general?

Q: Its mentioned that the workforce and reagents can be transferred or transported, can power also be transported? and if so by what?

Q: I feel there’s an additional structure we haven’t seen but is eluded to by virtue of capturing power directly from the stars. does this structure use triglavian technology?

Q: Does the new sovereignty hub require these 3 resources to operate? and if so is there going to be a grace period where the current system and new system can operate in tandem so that established nullsec groups can install the required infrastructure to maintain their holdings before the switches are flipped?

Q: Can resources attained by the new Skyhook structure be intercepted before it gets to the skyhook or are all resource interception to be made once actually in player hands? would love to know if the same can happen to the Metenox Moon Miner too! (go syphons!)

Q: its difficult to see on the shots of the Metenox Moon Miner but can players dock into the structure? are there any structures in the new Equinox system that don’t have docking features? and do those docking features include tether too?


Will sov null still have a 10% reduction to POS fuel use?

why no love for npc nullsec?

But I could drop 10 siphon units across 5 R64 POS’s and make some decent isk 6 hours later when I pick them up, all completely full.

This “one person can remotely manage 10+ b/day worth of goods without needing to undock” crap is nothing but buffs to Nullsec and reinforcing the stagnation of a big group run by a small elite core being able to control more stuff, and with even less risk or need to even keep tabs on their sov areas.

There is no more need to keep eyes on your moon POS’s for siphon units, no need to keep 50+ POS’s fueled else the shield goes down and the capitol hangar array gets looted… no need to have a dedicated group of folks with nearly full permissions to keep up with the large scale operations. It’s just 3-10 running a group of 600+, and the dedicated role for putting fuel in the fuel bay means the big NS corps don’t even need to put anything at risk with permissions/roles to keep everything important fueled up.

All of these changes, and the new citadels, are pushing the “just become a renter or join the NS blob, there is no room for the little guys and no way for the little guys to fight back” mantra that has been harming the long term prospects of the game. It’s the cluster f— coalition all over again, and for some stupid reason the devs are only pushing the playerbase into this further.


Upwell ad be like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ6MHiGmTJ8

Siphon units were fun… I still have some of the now-useless things :slight_smile: Passive mining deserves passive siphoning; hope CCP brings them back. A tool the individual player can use to be mildly annoying to a structure owner, without a full-on confrontation, increasing the need for regular “structure maintenance,” and putting ships in space.

We don’t yet know the defense capability of the new passive moon miner. It could be much weaker than an Athanor. Will it offer Tether? Installable Standup weapons?

Another defense is the player-selected reinforcement time: if the new drill had a wider window around the player’s set time, yes you can say the largest groups with 24/7 standing fleets could protect them, but even then, the sheer number of structures needing defense could result in many more explosions, vs Athanor.


So does that mean certain moons may cost more to operate than resources harvested, for example as a wormholer all wormhole moons are r4 though they can be used in WH will they be viable

will the mentox be a dockable structure

Goons in 1DQ1-A after this SOV changes.


Will there be a limit on how many skyhooks can be anchored at a planet?

And will the “highly skilled workforce” resource (…clones?) the skyhook will mine be necessary for operating other Upwell structures from the Equinox line?

…or would it be usable for other things? like bodies for contracts issued to Vanguards in the future?

I wonder how this update will fix the issues with null.
I’d like to see a change that makes it harder to hold sov for bigger groups and give smaller groups a chance going to null independently and holding sov. without joining the power blocs.

Auto-Mining-service modules for Athanors will not fix that issue.
New PI stuff will not fix that issue (unless somehow you need the power/workforce to actually hold sov)

If holding SOV pays more, it’s even more an encouragement for the big groups to steamroll the smaller ones to get their moons or whatever.


I’m curious why its such a big problem? did they spend trillons on it or something?
Also I thought money was no issue for them, or is it perhaps going to be a vulnerability window that others can exploit during patch day?

It won’t fix any issue with Null because they don’t see an issue.

Not during our lifetime. Big Null blocs rule EvE Online. They are New Eden.

That’s what the game is about. Take everything from everybody, including every advantage imaginable to stomp them out of the game.

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Because after the changes to the SOV structures, these changes were not reflected in their region, now that it will be according to the rules for EVERYONE.

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i am more interested in the triglavian-drifter conflict ramping up in the abyssal deadspace


You may be missing the context for what this capsuleer was talking about.

The 1DQ1-A system, belonging to Goonswarm (and potentially others, which may not even be Goonswarm systems), has a faction fortizar positioned 100 kilometers away from both the infrastructure hub and territorial control unit. CCP implemented a change requiring such structures to be at least 1,000 kilometers away, but they grandfathered those that were already in place. With the introduction of the new equinox structure, this situation presents a unique perspective on the fate of the existing I-Hubs and TCUs.

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These are all quite specific, but luckily the answers are coming! :+1: