Equinox announcement

First off: https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/now/equinox - This is the page behind the “Learn More” button. A 404.

Secondly: Interesting new structures. Going to be interesting to see how CCP balances this stuff, especially the passive moon mining.

This Skyhook is Null sec exclusive. Does this have an impact on high sec and low sec pocos or pocos in general?

I wonder how Skinr is going to change the ship skins landscape and what “but more [elements for their creation] can be acquired through the new Paragon Hub” entails.


I’m pretty bummed about it being nullsec exclusive. New PI is something I’ve been hoping for for a while, but I have zero interest in joining a null alliance, so I guess I’m ■■■■ outta luck. The moon mining thing is neat, but Snuff is going to have an exclusive ownership of practically everything in Black Rise, so again, ■■■■ outta luck.

I’d love to be exited, but what’s there for me to be exited about?


4 new ships that you can use for… Nothing. :sweat_smile:
I don’t know.


Good new content!!!
New Ships good , New PI good , new modules goood!!!
There is so much to learn …to repeat at rookie help channel :smile:
Feel old now…But there going to station walk back? even better planets?

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Link was updated to be Equinox | New Expansion | Coming 11 June | EVE Online which works.


It was mentioned that the next expansion was null specific. Why so mad?


Well the moon drills say can use in lowsec also. And some things like skins and corp projects aren’t entirely Null oriented. I’m not a Nuller so the rest of it doesn’t really matter to me, although it looks a bit heavy on the “Nullsec: Now even more profit for less effort than ever! It’s Rorquals all over again folks!” side.

The promises look good… although CCP has always been good at promising. It’s the delivering that’s the problem. A little bit concerned about “new updated and streamlined interfaces!” given that so far CCP has mostly focused on making interfaces larger, busier, shinier, more bloated and space-wasting.

But hope springs eternal, after all. There are many problems with what CCP has been delivering in the past 18 months or so, but I’m at least liking the apparent energy levels and willingness to add new things they’ve been showing.

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No one in low sec except the 2 major gal/cal and amarr/mini groups will be able to use the moon drill without it being dropped on by 50 caps within a day of going up.

Glad null is being revamped as its been bad for years now and we got a lot of low sec stuff recently so not complaining.

I just hope that we can raid null sec PI now and force people to fight us instead of them just docking and wait for us to leave.

Maybe we can deploy a PI stealing deployable.

I don’t think that expansion as anything to do with pi (sadly) Just some Planet Thingies for corporations on top of pi would be my wild guess


Sooo… the moondrills can only be anchored in low and null? Not wormholes??

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Hopefully in npc null and wormholes/pochven too.

A small group cannot take the risk to put it in low as snuff exist but in npc null pochven and wormholes it would be worth trying to stay there and would encourage people to go out into dangerous zones.

But who knows maybe CCP want’s us to join the big groups instead of trying to form smaller groups that try live in dangerous places.

https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/equinox-coming-on-yc-126-06-11 Just a bunch of fancy words strung together to sell more PLEX and Subscriptions .

But it’s a Sandbox, right?

To be fair, it’s just the skyhook that’s null exclusive, that doesn’t mean the new interface that’s coming along with it is null exclusive.

I got the impression those will have vanguard interaction eventually. Maybe I’m wrong, but if an org doesn’t have vanguard people to defend them, they wont be able to keep them.

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glad to see that passive moon mining is a nullsec thing and it is not touching highsec.

Now CCP has to remove moon mining from highsec 0.5s .

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I doubt that will happen, nor do I see a reason for it. Those structures are war eligible.

I think this is something CCP has been pushing since about 2012 or so. I posted about it a while back:

I suspect CCP is focusing on the fact that very large groups generate very large actions that make the gaming news: big nullsec battles, big wars, big losses. And they apparently feel that news generates a lot of potential new players for them. Or perhaps “big alliances with big wars” just feels like their EVE vision to them.

The problem with that view is that as groups get larger, the game becomes increasingly stagnant. Fewer groups with larger territories means fewer things to fight over. Huge alliances means wars become too costly to wage, when considering any potential gain to be had.

Having one or two large ‘news’ events per year only to have extreme stagnation the rest of the year isn’t a good tradeoff. You end up with bored large groups basically absorbing or driving off smaller group action all year long.

I don’t really care if the expansion is Null oriented, or even if it seems to be “make Null a huge profit zone again”. But I definitely feel that CCP has to at some point find ways to make smaller groups more effective and useful and stop trying to drive everyone into joining mega-alliances.


CCP has said repeatedly that the fw mechanics are coming to sov, including the havoc mechanics. Which means there will be room for 3rd parties to spoil the territory war between sov powers. I suspect this pirate blockade that will be tied to the skyhooks will be central to that theme. Should give a lore reason to have vanguard players raiding your nullsec pi industry without having players facilitate the logistics of the raid.

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I should add, in relation to Kitaula and Kezrai’s points, I’d like to see some small scale in space structures, and planetside outposts. Like what is used for highsec anoms. (And specifically not an upwell structure.)



It makes a lot to sense to me to have some cheap throw away structures for small scale purposes. I’m not entirely sure what kind of services would be provided above and beyond that of a mobile depot. Maybe a tether? Repair facilities? Some basic industry, like ammo construction.


wow I don’t know much about ls, but I had no idea black rise is the only LS region in the game

Watch me Pollok my ships :sunglasses:
…it will be most expensive and exclusive line of SKINs :stuck_out_tongue:

Name reservation:
“Blotched Star Dreams SKIN”