EVE Online: Equinox - Coming 11 June 2024

Appreciate some early glimpses @CCP_Swift. Some questions from me if you get the chance:

  • If it’s either/or with respect to Metenox/Athanor, are there system designs coming that provide additional mining content to players that lose the ability to moon mine i.e. those not fortunate enough to be in director roles? Feels like this content addition is actually removing content from the majority? Hopefully missing something, but that doesn’t feel very expansion-like.

  • With above concern in mind, are anom sizes increasing back to what they were several years ago so players that “lose” mining content “gain” access to it in a different way?

  • Alternatively, will passive mining reintroduction support personal harvesters/siphons for line members so the new content is accessible to them?

  • Will passive mining volumes and automated SRP/mission payouts be freely visible via API methods so players can audit for corruption to help make decisions with respect to which alliance they join? Would present some great opportunities for myself and other devs, thinking a website that collects income/expenditure data and provides players with a corruption scorecard/RAG by alliance! Lest this be the rather obviously predictable Orwellian dystopia!

  • Will Metenox have timers or will we finally have structures that can be freely contested for regular big fleets and high profile stream events?

  • New anoms are coming, but will anoms in general be redesigned away from the tedious grindfest they are today? Something like abyssals in open space behind acceleration gates would be amazing and much needed to a pve design that hasn’t changed much in a long time!


Moon material prices are gona plummet yay :woman_facepalming:

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Time to dump stock or hold?

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What do you mean ‘gona’
Check the market. R64 goo prices already dropped due to speculation =)


Ya ik but it’s just gona go downhill from here :rofl:

The new line of ships should create demand in other areas as there might be a rush to produce?

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In addition, skyhooks bring new content in the form of Pirate Orbital Blockades, NPC encounters with the potential to attract officer-level enemies, pirate dreadnoughts, and even titans.

Do blockades actually block the flow of material to the skyhook, or are they just entertaining diversions?

What I read is just a standard new hauler lineup with specialist holds. Nothing what will move the market. Also whether people will switch from dirt cheap Epithals to expensive ORE ships for their daily PI business is to be seen.


Will we get Pictures for the new ships?
I think we can see 2 in the trailer but I wanna see the rest in 5k.

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The Upwell commercial shows clones in different uniforms and different environments

Is cloned workforce coming in various kinds? Will the skyhook have a setting for what skills are preferred or will it be planet type dependent or random?

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Will they function on some mission table?

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Will mining operations be no longer needed? Will T2 be an even cheaper faction?

Mining by ships-in-space is not going away.

Any idea on when we should get new glimpses to the new expansion?
It helps the speculation and buzz between players going =)

Neither did mining in a battleship when dedicated mining ships were introduced, but whip out a rokh with 8 mining lasers today and its laughable.

Professor Trelawney, do you see three new skills coming our way ? Upwell hauler, Upwell transporter and Upwell freighter ?
upwell joy

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Starting today there will be an In Focus series each week for the next 4 weeks. Later today there will be an In Focus video about the Nullsec changes (which should answer all the questions asked here! Thank you for that) and then next week will cover the new ships.


Today has about 2 hours left for me, so I will assume later will be tomorrow?

Edit:Just watched the video. Think you can do something to stop people entosis trolling by just throwing a rock at the structure and burning away from the grid at 6km/s like they do with the ESS? There are to many zero commitment bank robber/filament users that use this kind of thing to avoid PvP when they get countered making them unengageable.

Edit:Looked back at the ihub/tcu structure UI. Trying to figure out if this means sov bills are a thing of the past. Its also nice to see these are managed by an ACL. Good to get away from POCO and standingl list.

Interesting video.
Tried to pull some numbers for power/WF/reagents requirements, but they differ from one screen to another. So I guess we can still only speculate.
I’m guessing the main idea is that you cannot have everything in one system. And sov maintenance moves more from a CAPEX model, to an OPEX model.

I just really hope that there will be implemented a change that only the SOV holder alliance can affect SOV related activities (like ADMs).
Because I still think that the mechanic that one alliance can hold all the sov, while basically not being present in the system player wise is flawed.

So basically we going back to as it was in 2005,6,7 and laters