EVE Online: Equinox - Coming 11 June 2024

so alliances now will be able to mine and afk mine the moons? :)))))

so alliances now not only get a buttload of space, but also MOAR??? :smiley:

Can @Mike_Azariah have your stuff? :smirk:


Hey CCP why not make new Upwell mining ships that fits the theme of these new hauling ships ? I mean we have had the same T1 and T2 mining ships for decades now well expect the T2 mining frigates does are like the newest ones. Common is it to much to ask for more ships design I don´t care if they have the same stats as the regular ships would be neat to have new ships to look at.

Upwell mining ships would be cool. Especially if they can also be armed with missiles…

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Indeed , some new mining schips that can defend them self would be very nice or a new schip that can compress it all and at least also can defend it self with large mininghold and some better speed

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Why not integrating Upwell ships with the EDENCOM ones (and renaming everything in Upwell)?

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They already have mining ships that have turret spots for miners! What about the Apoc/Armageddon?? Hellooooooo haha xD

Back in the good 'ol days we used anything and everything to get those precious rocks and gems, we even stole em off the sides of Amarrian vessels if we got the chance… =P

I can’t wait to see the new vessels and their missile abilites! Fun times ahead =)

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Upwell… knows about jump freighters right. It KNOWS about the advantage and in turn the outright necessity of such a ship variant. You wouldn’t be making Upwell Ignorant
on purpose would you CCP?

Yes, and they are intentionally left out.

CCP is taking the racketeering approach of adding a new “solution” to the “problem” that they are also introducing this patch.
I believe the intent is that these upwell ships will hold less than a DST, but also provide a T1 cruiser level of combat ability to kill the long range pointing frigates and cruiser NPCs so you can do your PI in the same ship that you can kill the PI rats with.

IMHO there should’ve been a broader indy ship overhaul to make all indy ships more combat viable, and then these upwell ships would be a pirate faction variant sort of step up in performance – like going from a stabber to Cynabal.

Giving freighter options across the board to kill a fast tackle ship holding it for 2-5 mins while the larger fleet heads over, as well as use other capitol modules, would have been a much better step in the right directions to make those ships feel more in line with how ships work, and requiring pilots with varied amounts of combat skills to get the most benefit from flying them.


I agree with the overhaul Idea… I mean freighters in general have so much surface area and the universe is reliably hyper-violent so much so that freighters NOT having guns makes no sense. All freighters should have had guns to some degree begin with.


Wouldn’t the new ship hulls make some of the existing ships obsolete?
I think the Epithal will become basically useless.

I guess the epithal becomes the cheap option… probably still good for people who do PI in high and low sec.

Probably. Armed merchant ships for the win!

Well the new ships can go to high and low

And all the new ships have cargo space - so they can function as regular haulers.

I have a question I have not seen answered yet by any dev and I scourged the forum, reddit and streams:

What is gonna happen to the researched BPOs of the soon obsolete iHub and TCUs?

As a small industrialist who happened to have settled for that niche I invested billions in isk and most importantly years and years of research for just a handful of BPOs to get them to 10/20 so I can even compete in the market.
They make up the vast majority of my asset value and I pray that they are not gonna turn into paperweights after the transition…
Compared to the NPC base price for the BPO the research fees alone were ludicrous… :face_holding_back_tears:

Has that been a consideration? I seem to have vague memories of obsolete Blueprint Originals being replaced by their newer counterpart in the past but I’m not sure if my memory is playing games with me here or what BPOs were affected like that. Have I missed a statement on this somewhere or can someone answer this question? It currently has me super anxious …

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following this thread on Reddit:

  1. What role do the T1 Freighters have after this update? Hangar Decoration?
    I think either the Avalance needs to be nerved in tank or normal cargo or the other Freighters need a buff. Considering that it’s economically unviable to fly a Freighter instead of some DSTs I would like to see a freighter buff, making their cargo bigger or giving them the tank to fit something other than 3x bulkheads (if you fly solo without scout, webber and blackbird alt)

  2. Please give some love to the empires and not this plain and boring upwell consortium.
    “4 different faces of humanity” what’s with that? :sob:

Sucks to be you.

I got some POS module BPO and every day I wake up hoping for a refund in the mail.

Were? Pity the poor fools who started researching after the citadel changes and pity those who started research after the extra PI components were added to capital ships.

CCP Grayscale nerfed prints down to the ME10/TE20 format that exists today. Cannot remember what happened with the old ‘compressed ore’ prints that used to go into a rorqual. Kept a ton of POS modules waiting for reimbursement, after a year reprocessed them instead.

Welcome to EVE. Multiply that by like 100 and you know how all the people who paid 8 million ISK for the old Meta 4 damage control felt after module tiericide.

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