EVE Online: Equinox - Coming 11 June 2024

  1. t1 freighters will still be the superior option for normal cargo in bulk.
  2. t1 freighters are needed for the t2 jf production, so in case you want to get rid of yours, you can sell.
  3. if you think the Avalanche can’t be ganked in hisec, think again. It’ll cost more to gank successfully, but those killmails are going to be juicy. The ship literally screams “try something”, and the community will oblige :slight_smile:
  4. more than likely, its price for the next few years, as the BPO and the skills are from FW LP stores.
  5. availability for the next few years

It’s a very cool new addition, for its role as (mostly) nullsec freighter for the new expansion. But as I don’t deal with skyhook stuff, I more than likely will never fly it. Even in nullsec, even if it has “the fire power of a marauder in bastion mode” (from the live stream), it can still be ganked there too, so its use will be for its intended purpose in most cases in my opinion.

Bring more friends and keep range :smiley:

If it is fit with FoF missiles, it cannot fire unless fired upon first. It would seem the logical answer to avoid being ‘bullied’ is to not shoot at it to start with.

this ‘upgrad’ of EVE is going to be one more ■■■■ up in a long line of ■■■■ ups…

actually ■■■■ it, unsubbing, ■■■■ this game…


don’t forget to contract me all of your crap, and then send me your remaining isk on the way out.

WIth Love,

Dont get it, what is being achieved with this patch? Seems absolutely useless to me…

A lot if you are in null. If not, this isnt concerning you except maybe the armed haulers

It’s the start of things changing for null, which has been neglected for some time now… For everyone else it’s new haulers, ship SKINR system, and corp UI changes.

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This is a blatant lie.

1 - T2 materials is a zero sum game. There is a finite amount of R64, R32, and so on that can be produced each month. For one group to get more, another group must gets less.

This drives more wealth directly into the big Nullsec groups, further cementing the larger Nullsec groups as the de-facto owners of Eve. There are large secondary impacts of this, from price fixing the markets, to making smaller groups being evicted a more profitable endeavor.

This is seemly a capstone on the efforts of recent years to benefit the larger groups at the direct expense of the smaller groups. The fact of this mechanic providing value directly to the higher ups, and removing the in-game character effort of mining to get the materials is absurdly stupid.

2 - Half the point of the efforts of the last few years were to address the wealth inequality of Nullsec, and reduce the dozens of trillions of ISK in war reserves. There were certainly a lot of missteps in that direction (several of the manufacturing changes, especially linking battlecruisers and battleships into competing with Capitol production weren’t very bright), but there was a clear goal. Now, CCP is going in the complete opposite direction. and we get to prepare for another era of stagnation as the status quo gets reinforced and the smaller groups further bullied out of meaningful gameplay impact on the larger ecosystem.


I’m curious when this alleged golden age of small groups being able to take Sov that the bigger powers wanted was.

It certainly wasn’t in 2007, when half the map was owned by NCPL, and the other half by the CFC.

Oh, and good luck trying to control a good moon in lowsec during this period, unless you liked it being destroyed by NCPL.

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still dont see the point.

you have anomalies now > new options will just give more isk to ratters
you mine moons now > you will now have afk moon mining as an option
you have t1/t2 freighters now > you will have a new freighter as an option
I dont even get the workers / clones thing…

I think its a meh update…

edit: I still do not see the incentive to go to null sov, I reside in npc null, which is ■■■■, but still more fun then sov space

I think it’s a damn shame that CCP haven’t used this patch, that has a focus on getting more activity in nullsec, to boost NPC null.

FFS, if you merely put the belts back (all of them ! Including trit !) and moved the lowsec ore/gas into NPC Null, then that’d be a massive boost for the best area for small groups who want to get into null and be independant of the blocs.

@CCP_Nomad two of the three new corporate projects miss the mark and as a result will likely be DOA.

(1) The ship loss project not including the modules of the ship lost is a serious shortcoming and means that many groups will not use it for their SRP program. I’m not familiar with all the different ways groups run SRP programs, but it seems like a bad idea to me to pay SRP value for the hull + fitting even if someone had the wrong fitting on the ship.

(2) Salvaging as a corp project does not need to be incentivized if the materials from salvage are valuable (they are). You discussed this feature as though it would enable people to have a different career path where they make money from salvaging. But this misunderstands the issue with salvaging right now and would only lead to payouts for people salvaging wrecks from their own kills. The main issue with salvaging is that wrecks cannot be tracked down unless you get a bookmark from the creator of the wreck. If you do not know the mission runner, you cannot find wrecks they happened to leave behind. Wrecks show up on DSCAN but cannot be probed down. So, if you are serious about making salvaging a different career path, then wrecks need to last longer in space (twice as long, or maybe until downtime?) and they need to be discoverable via probing either with combat probes or some new type of probe. Can’t existing proejcts already be used to accept salvage materials? If so, why pay for the act of salvaging?


so still nothing for Curse region???


Actually can’t wait cause I am kind of excited to find out how well Nulsec corps can guard their new toys seeing how they can’t really guard their ess banks all too well…

ESS is other people’s money, you weren’t getting a piece of it in the first place, why bother risking a 100 million ISK ship for 10 mil in bounties?. It’ll either be carnage in the short term or people will not care and keep doing what they are doing until November.


Aiko taught us how to take other peoples isk and ESS just happens to be an easy option.

…and then forward it to her wallet. :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:

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It would be nice to have a way to scan down wrecks. There are ways though… in high-sec, you can scan down mission runners, warp to them (cloaky ship ideally), bookmark the locations of the mission rooms and then warp back later when the mission runner is done. In nullsec, you can bookmark all of the anomalies in a system, return an hour later and see which bookmarks no longer have an associated anomaly (because someone did the anomaly) and so go salvage the wrecks that are hopefully left behind.

Wrecks in space for 4 hours? No thank you