Version 22.01 - Equinox - Known Issues

Hello everyone,

Here you will find a list of any known issues as we become aware of them for patch 22.01.

Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues.

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  • Search results can show systems with 0 available sites in some Agency pages, such as Homefront Operations, Combat Anomalies, Ore Anomalies and Ice Belts.


  • SFX for several Upwell structures are not triggering or looping correctly

Corporation Project

  • Corporation Window displays duplicated Offices in “My Corporation.
  • Corporation Window’s standing tab has missing tooltip for the question mark at the top right part of the window, the searching bar does not initiate the searching process and the page does not calculate the average standing of its members for some clients.
  • Creating a Corporation Project with not enough ISK in Corp Wallet will display “failed to connect to service” message.

Daily Goals and Reward Track

  • The Reward Track and / or Daily Goals missing when first opening the Air Opportunities Homepage due to timing issue.
  • Claim All button not visible in the Daily Goals Reward Track page after completing one Daily Goal.
  • Claim All button reappears after being used.
  • The Reward Track’s milestone for SP is showing incorrect information.
  • The glow around Omega rewards can be out of sync after hovering the icons in the Daily Goals tab for Alpha players.
  • The DLI won’t start until 12 June.


  • Plasma and lava planets have issues on Macs
  • Planets do not display properly on low shader settings
  • Power Skyhook has visible lighting in unanchored state
  • Reflective elements on the Metenox Moon Drill exhibit artifacting
  • Sections of the Squall, Deluge, and Torrent are too bright when cloaked
  • Debris in escalation dungeons disappears when zooming in and out


  • Localized descriptions and names for Sovereignty Hub upgrades and the Orbital Skyhook are incorrectly displaying in English.

New Player Experience

  • Some highlights and blinks are not appearing


  • Rarely, a tracked opportunity such as a Combat Anomaly, Ore Anomaly or Ice Belt will disappear from the Info Panel when logging back in after logging out while undocked.
  • The feature icon of a tracked opportunity in the Info Panel will remain glowing after dragging and dropping it (mousing over it again will remove the glow).

Science & Industry

  • The Vendetta requires too many Serpentis Modified Capital Processors than intended, it will be reduced to 75 rather than 1500 in a patch on Wednesday.

Ships & Fighters

  • It’s not possible to scoop unanchored upwell structures and deployables (like mobile tractor units) into the infrastructure hold of the new Upwell Ships.
  • Standup Fighters and Upwell Structure Ammo and Bombs cannot be stored inside the Infrastructure hold.
  • The new Navy Fighters introduced in Equinox do not appear in a drop down ‘faction/storyline’ section and instead are in the regular section of the fighter category.
  • The new upwell haulers have significantly more fitting space than intended when not fitting missile launchers, balance adjustments will be deployed on Wednesday.
  • Long Range Heavy Fighters (Such as the Ametat II) Micro Jump Drive ability is not functioning.
  • Corp & Alliance emblems are stripped from Avalanche when docking
  • Carrier Conduit jump is using much higher fuel cost per LY than intended
  • Standup Fighters are no longer functional

Ship Tree

  • The Ship Tree’s ship group icon tooltips are not working correctly when the required skill(s) is only trained with Expert Systems.
  • The Neocom Ship Tree icon can start to blink again after viewing a ship unlock in the Ship Tree’s ‘New Unlocks’ section.
  • Translations are missing for the Ship Tree’s ‘New Unlocks’ buttons and title.


  • Some ships have 4 customization slots in the SKINR when they should only have 3 (this means price of SKIN can increase for little to no visual change).
    • Triglavian ships
    • Bane
    • Rhea
    • Charon
  • Pattern settings are not carried over when selecting a new hull within the SKINR (mirroring, pattern display toggle).
  • Custom SKIN is removed from ship when boarding from a maintenance bay.
  • Structure SKIN is not displayed correctly in the fitting window.
  • Alphabetical filtering in the SKINR is case sensitive.
  • Quantity of activated and unactivated SKINs are not updated after activating a SKIN from the SKINR Collection.
  • Temporary SKIN license is still active on boarded ship after expiring.
  • Sequencing in Progress count does not update after starting a sequencing job in the SKINR Studio.
  • Sequencing max jobs count doesn’t update immediately in regards to skills.
  • 3D ship preview in SKINR doesn’t reset to active ship after using “Complete Now” on sequence job.
  • Pattern display toggle is still visible on 3 slot ship configurations in the SKINR Studio.
  • Create New Design doesn’t reset to active ship after viewing a design for another hull.
  • SKIN icon cards can appear with a black background sometimes.
  • Activating a SKIN license from the Collection reloads the entire Collection.
  • Fitting Window Personalization tab taking slightly longer to load when loading custom SKINs.
  • Incorrect description for the Batch Sequencing skill in the Show Info window.
  • Stack of unactivated SKIN licenses appearing with incorrect highlighting on selection when a copy was previously activated from the stack.
  • Limited Metallic Nanocoatings are incorrectly referred to as Basic Nanocoatings in Show Info window.
  • SKINR doesn’t instantly update with account clone state changes.
  • No indication in the SKINR Collection when one SKIN license is activated from a stack of multiple licenses.
  • Expandable panels can overlap Customization Slot and Back button in SKINR Studio on smaller window sizes.
  • Studio page can be laggy after many Sequencing in Progress jobs are running and interacting with UI.
  • Significant FPS drop when opening the Market from the SKINR.
  • 3D ship preview in SKINR doesn’t update immediately after boarding a new ship while SKINR is open.
  • Previously selected limited design element will appear as deselected in the Customization Slot UI after running a sequencing job for any design.
  • SKIN change on arrival is not visible to other players if SKIN is changed during a Wormhole jump.
  • Custom SKIN remains visible on the ship after boarding a Cyno Beacon.
  • Pattern previews in SKINR Collection and Paragon Hub are not consistent
  • Selected hull type filter doesn’t reset when navigating away from View More in the SKINR Paragon Hub.
  • SKIN licenses for all hull types are displayed in the initial view of ship filtered SKINs section of the SKINR Paragon Hub.
  • Disabled Sell and Apply buttons are briefly highlighted when switching between SKIN licenses in the SKINR Collection.
  • SKIN remains displayed on unmanned ships.
  • Structure SKINs are not transitioning correctly after attempting to apply licenses back-to-back.
  • PLEX icon is overlapped when price is higher or equal to 100 in the SKINR Studio.
  • Rotate & Scale button text is cut off in SKINR Studio.
  • Purchase information UI doesn’t reset after viewing a design in the SKINR Paragon Hub, then navigating away.
  • Sequencing run text overlaps the View on Market button in the SKINR Collection.
  • UI under 3D ship preview for unactivated SKIN in SKINR Collection remains active after activating a license or navigating away from the tab.
  • Camera zoom levels are different between selecting different SKIN licenses in the SKINR Studio.
  • Custom SKIN flickers on ship before SKIN transition animation.
  • SKIN transition animation plays after boarding a new ship with no SKIN.
  • SKINR Paragon Hub tab title text can sometimes appear cut off.
  • Some ship pattern previews in the SKINR Paragon Hub and Collection are not well showcased.
  • In some cases, the incorrect ship selection is displayed on Hull Selection list in the SKINR.
  • Some ships are cut off in the SKINR live rendered icons.

Structures & Deployables

  • Multiple decals are missing from Cyno Beacon
  • Corp & Alliance emblems are not displaying properly on Skyhook & Sov Hub

User Interface

  • The Agency page for Colony Resources can sometimes not show any results, this can happen when first opening the page as well as when pressing the ‘Reset All’ button. Although this will allow you to see the results, the results won’t be sorted correctly, we will have a fix for this soon.
    • A work around for this is to set the ‘Location’ to ‘Specific Region’ and then selecting a region in the ‘Region’ drop down menu.
  • The ‘Add all skills to Skill queue’ button wrongfully appears and is active (until refreshing the window/tab) after completing the ‘Buy and train’ flow in the Mastery tab of a ship’s Information window.
  • Expert Systems’ ‘View in Store’ button is slightly cropped in the Requirements tab of a ship’s Information window.
  • In some languages on some UI Scaling settings, the skill action buttons can bleed out of the boundaries of the Skill Requirement window/tooltip.
  • In some languages, Expert System text can bleed out of the boundaries of the Ship Tree’s ship tooltips.
  • Faction names can bleed out of their Ship Tree info box on some UI Scaling settings.
  • In some languages, the Omega training time can be half-cropped out for Alpha capsuleers in the Ship Tree’s ship group icon tooltips.
  • In Japanese, a code string is visible instead of a number, both in the tooltip for the Neocom Ship Tree icon when new ships are unlocked, and in the tooltip for the ‘Create Skill Plan’ button when the maximum number of skill plans has been created.
  • The Colony Resources’ filters for Power and Workforce are not working in the Agency.

Woah. That’s quite a list. Nice.


Mobile Micro Jump Unit, & Long range fighters micro jump drive ability (Such as the one present on the Ametat II) are currently not working. We are investigating a fix for a later deployment.

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Metenox BPOs are not in the market, same as the higher tier ore upgrades are not even listed.

I think inventory list view broke


This is intended, Metenox Blueprints will be made available on Thursday. The Level 2 mining upgrades are currently not planned to be released.

The fitting window doesn’t allow you to hover and view the fitting of non-active ships as shown in one of the previous live streams. Example screenshot, notice only the capsule has the fitting icon in the top right corner:

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I don’t have the numbers, but PH is currently exploding about the fact that it seems, based on everyone’s calculations, that there are no systems with enough potential power output to support two sov upgrades, with some systems completely unable to support ANY just based on their power.
It seems the values that were put into the game are also very different from the values you told us about here:


“Show info” on planets seems to be broken?

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you arnt that good at maths then are you

System power can go up to 5180, last i checked that will run the ALN, supercap production, both cyno mods, any detection array and a prospecting array (not looked at workforce on that part though)

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Any explanation for the last-minute change? Given the build time of the skyhooks, the “we’re giving you time to gather reagents” rationale makes no sense.

Yikes. Corp bulletins are blank?


The “general” drop down in the title management page of the corp administration window doesn’t always drop down when you click on it. I think it worked the first time and now the triangle icon just glows when you click and the drop down doesn’t work.

The Metenox Moon Drill requires Magmatic Gas to operate. Magmatic Gas cannot be collected until the Orbital Skyhooks have been built, deployed, and operated long enough to procure them.

There seems to be a disconnect between the Power and Workforce for all 4 of the Strategic Upgrades listed in-game and on the spreadsheet.

Upgrade Power (Sheet / In-Game) Workforce (Sheet / In-Game)
Supercapital Construction Facilities 330 / 2,000 9,140 / 20,000
Advanced Logistics Network 390 / 1,500 7,510 / 18,000
Cynosural Suppression 390 / 800 8,800 / 6,400
Cynosural Navigation 390 / 250 7,240 / 1,500

Where is the daily login reward window?

some new escalation are appearing from current combat anomalies.

The third button from the top:

It’ll take 2-3 days to build the first Skyhook. Then it needs to be anchored, taking another day. If the delay was purely about resources, 2 days is actually too short to matter. Drills will still be built probably a couple days before there are resources to start one. But so what? If you can’t use it right away, that’s OK. Players who can build and deploy a moon drill are able to comprehend the fuel requirements and do not need hand holding. Not to mention that releasing the BPO now would have allowed players to choose to research while the reagents are gathered.

In short, the change does not really make sense from a gameplay standpoint and the way it was done—by pulling the rug out from under people who prepared for the change—was unnecessarily frustrating. Retroactively editing the patch notes also makes it feel shady rather than being a transparent change.

Edit: Now you’re also in a situation where someone might spend billions on buying the armature components before they appreciate the delay in the BPO release and they will also be unnecessarily frustrated by you putting a commodity on the market that cannot be used. The rationale is the same and if you want to be consistent you should remove the armature from the market as well.


sexually identifies as T2 ?