Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

Hello everyone,

Here you will find a list of any known issues as we become aware of them for patch 21.06.

Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues.

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Known Issues:

Air Career Program

  • Wormhole Scanning Not Being Counted in AIR Career Program

Corporation Project

  • Unable to find Factions in the scroll down menu for Contribution Methods due to Factions not being prioritized over character, player corporation and player alliance names.
  • Defend and Capture FW Complexes should have a drop down for faction selection.
  • Remote Repairing or Boosting a user from a specific militia is not counted by the Corp Project Opportunities.
  • Added Filter for Unclaimed Rewards in Corporation Projects window.
  • Payment in ISK is not copied over when duplicating a Corp Project that contains ISK reward.
  • Clients will be able to pick NPC Factions in the list for Destroy Capsuleer.
  • Player receives an error message when trying to access inaccessible corp projects instead of a “you can not access this Project” message.
  • Projects that finish progression while service side payments are offline will be unable to collect payment when the service is up and running again.
  • Icons are not changing colours to adequate state in the Project Creation window in the Russia, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.
  • It’s been observed that at least one client was unable to create corporation projects on a test server, could be an issue for TQ as well.
  • Clients do not see their contribution progression updated - Project Notices arrive (works as intended) but it does not update in the UI for clients making them think that their progression is not updating/working.
  • Unable to create Corp Projects with payment option using non ASCII characters.


  • If a FOB and FW battlefield share the same system, their icons are placed on top of eachother on the FW Map.
  • Mordu Battlecruiser NPCs incorrectly state they are based on the Talos in their descriptions, while having Naga hulls.
  • Launching a bomb or a Stasis Webification probe can be done in max corrupted lowsec with a green safety, even though it can get you a suspect or a criminal timer if it hits a player.
  • The Pirate insurgencies guide references that you can track your contribution progress to the current insurgency campaign in the Insurgency Dashboard, but this actually is not possible.
  • The Guristas Insurgency is not properly spawning dungeons, such that the Mining Ambush sites, roaming spawns, et al are not appearing as they should.

Missions & NPCs

  • Amarr faction does not mutually dislike the deathless faction by -2.0 like every other empire faction.
  • Guristas faction does not hate the Caldari State.
  • Some behavioral NPCs can appear as neutral/white instead of red.


  • The entire Info Panel can disappear if the Opportunities info panel section becomes completely empty by traveling out of range of all tracked opportunities.
  • Opportunity tracking stops working correctly if the UI Scaling settings are changed twice while no opportunities are tracked.


  • The Azariel is missing the ‘5x penalty to entosis link duration’ from the traits tab. The bonus is working as intended.
  • The Heavy Missile launcher kinetic damage bonus from the alligator is not applying correctly.
  • The Traits tab on the Aligator is missing

User Interface

  • Opportunities that are currently being tracked in the Info Panel will be reset.
  • Added missing information for AIR Career Program Rewards.
  • Window scrolls up after changing option from the drop-down menu in the “Display & Graphics” tab in the Settings Window.
  • Opening inventory windows can take a long time, if they contain many assembled ships.
  • Font size change requires relaunch of client in order to update
  • Missing tooltip for hyperlinks


  • Players warping to the shipcaster in Zarzakh land inside the visual effect in the center instead of the edge of the shipcaster.
  • Launching a bomb or a Stasis Webification probe can be done in Zarzakh with a green safety, even though it can get you a deathless retribution timer.

Update on 2023-12-12 - AIR Daily Goals Not Registering Completion (RESOLVED)

  • Between 11:00UTC and 12:00UTC players progress towards completing AIR Daily Goals may not have registered. Players who completed goals during this time and did not see their efforts being rewards should contact

Update on 2024-05-13 - Police ship SKINS Sirens Not Flashing
We’re aware that lights are not flashing on one some variants of the Police ship SKINS. We hope to have this resolved in the near future.


So, even before you unleashed the new update, you had identified all the above issues? 25 of them.

And still went ahead with the update?

Great QA… not. Great respect for your customers… not.


Issue is more that the Settings Window has a scroll bar in the first place when you could just put those options on the empty right hand side instead. It’s literally free real estate!


The kinetic missile bonus on Alligator is not applied for some reason

Edit: only on heavy missile. HAM works as intended


Omg this is hilarious

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And not even in the newest window, CCP gets Photon right. This is a joke. :joy:


The new Insurgency Systems tab in the Agency window does not display any information unless, apparently, one enlists in FW.

This must be a design error since everyone needs, and should be able, to know where insurgencies are occurring.

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Thanks, this will be fixed in the patch tomorrow.

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This is not because of a bug, there currently are no insurgency dungeons spawning because the campaign is still in the FORECASTING phase.

Once the Campaign goes active, then dungeons will start spawning, which can be viewed by any character on that agency page regardless of their enlistment status

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The expansion notes clearly stated:

  • The Insurgency will start in the FORECASTING phase. This phase will last approximately 48 hours and will tell all players where the pirate FOB will be placed, and which solar systems are included with it in the upcoming insurgency. During this phase no content will be present, and the FOB is invulnerable, however it will be dockable. This gives players from both sides the opportunity to move assets and get ready to deploy in the theatre, or players the opportunity to get out of harm’s way!

So one would naturally assume this information would be displayed in said Agency window during the Forecasting phase… after all, how else will players have the opportunity to get out of harm’s way?


CCP Text quality. 3 mistakes in 3 lines of text. :joy:
In general, decide if you write Insurgency or insurgency. You switch between the two wildly just on the front page of the Insurgency. This is ridiculously bad text consistency.


You can see where the FOB is spawning and what systems are part of the insurgency on the Insurgency Dashboard. Found under the Neocom → Activities → Insurgencies

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Are we sure it was ready to be released? On top of all these bugs it is also missing the daily challenges update.
Stakeholders were knocking on the door?



A minimum standings requirement of -2 or better without standings modifications is required to join.

It would be really helpful if this tooltip actually told you what your unmodified standing is because the standings window is not very clear and the actual information is hidden behind tooltips.


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may i ask just how much additional GB storage was needed for this expansion? it downloaded a 3.8gb patch and almost ran out of disk space.

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New issue: when you modify a market order, before the patch you could scroll within the modify order panel to increase/decrease the price by 0.1% increments. Now it only works if your mouse cursor is precisely within the new price text box. This is a QOL regression for traders


So rather than put it in the obvious place, you created a whole new, unadvertised element for the Neocom? Dreadful design, sir, dreadful design.

Sack whoever wrote the Expansion Notes as well.


In-game map does not have colouring option to show systems affected by insurgencies, which is a huge No Go for route planning- Agency and Insurgency Dashboard are not substitutes for the map in this context.

Edit 18/11/2023: This was addressed recently and insurgencies are shown on the in-game map (Colour by> Factional Warfare> Insurgencies)


Found some other thingymabob:
Homefront NPCs don’t show up red but white after the update. Probably it has something to do with faction standing?