Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

Settings menu. I do not know who’s great idea was to make it full-screen. This is another gross No Go and, frankly speaking, an outright bug with severity level in between ‘normal’ and ‘major’, let’s face it. Persons who designed and authorized it for release to production server probably do not play own game and, bluntly speaking, not quite aware, that graphics and sound settings are not uncommonly changed while undocked and during engagements. What does this mean?

This means, that settings menu should have windowed option, and user should have ability to stretch and reduce window size in order to maintain situational awareness. Contrary to this right now we have a fancy looking full screen interface, which has, depending of menu expanded, from 3/4 to 1/2 of unused space, and which completely obscures any other interface elements (overview, chat, fleet window etc)


I noticed on the Mekubal with the new skin that, on the rear of the ship, the text and skull are partially cut off.

Courier contract search for Zarzakh does not seem to be working, please test further.

chat links (the orange stuff) no longer (as of havoc) give preview when hovering over them, makes it harder to block hypernet spam. might affect other links too (ship fits etc.) pls fix


after a number of jumps from system to system, around 25-30, the gating animation stutters badly then freezes the client for a couple of seconds


For me the the tooltips come too fast and disrupt my gameplay to almost unbearable. Did the delay got decreased? I have set the delay to maximum, yet they almost instantly appear after clicking an object. This has to be a bug. If not, then the game is unplayable for me due to annoyance.


First time experiencing a CCP patch/update/xpac?


getting stutters and freezes when jumping between systems. seems to be steadily getting worse.


Can confirm. The longer I play and the more systems I visit, the more stutter I get. Overall FPS go down until the game almost freezes at every jump.

I did veryfy files in the launcher, clear shader cache in the GPU driver settings and restarted the EVE client, this has reset the issue for now.


Did last ~30 minutes. Game slowed down from a steady 120FPS to like 55FPS in space and almost freezing and feeling like TiDi when docking/jumping.


/fw/wars Endpoint is erroring after this patch, This is not the endpoint for insurgencies but for existing Faction Warfare content

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Happens on TQ also.

When creating a project having the Project Manager role the message,


pops up and the project is not created. CEO still can create projects.

Hope this gets fixed :smile:

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Corporation Projects corp role is not visible on when pulling corporation roles with /corporations/{corporation_id}/roles/

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It would be awesome, if you could send a bug report (F12 - Report Bug) after you had such a very slow jump, so that we can have a look at your client logs on what could lead to this problem.
It would also be good, if you could check, if there is maybe some window open (like assets window or fitting window), which could maybe contribute to this, when it reloads itself during the jump.


LoL…love is in the air after “Havoc” Expansion…


I’m noticing major issues with performance since yesterday’s update.

After 2+ hours of the instance running, jumping into another system results in a up to 1 minute blue wheel freeze, and loading in when it eventually does the game reacts like I’ve jumped into a system in full tidi with 2k+ people, when in actuality there are less than 30.
AMD 6800XT

My spec isn’t top line but it still shouldn’t struggle like this after a period of time when it doesn’t struggle when I first log in.


I got similair issues yesterday, it seems like every-time I jumped it got worse, going from just slight hitching to the game simply not responding for over a minute as the game seemed to have trouble loading the animations for the jump and subsequently loading the new system.

Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3070


@CCP_Kestrel Does this also affect the (previous or current) FOBs of the Guritas and Blood Raider? The search via the Agency has been useless for months. Even if you are in the same region and are one to jumps away, often no result is displayed.

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/fw/stats/ is now erroring after its updated with the first day of data.

This is also an existing endpoint used for standard Faction Warfare content

The mouse over of links in chat is definitely not working.