Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

The ship inventory is taking forever to load if you have a reasonable number of ships. My ship inventory is taking over a minute to load since the update, and I’m not alone.


You broke the Vedmak. Played for hours last night then, after breakfast, now it magically needs 20.4 more powergrid to use the same modules ive been using for the last 2 days. I have to unplug an entire mod slot now… I dont have insufficient skills either.

The inventory screen also has to be opened and closed multiple times in order to see any ships or items. Otherwise it just ring loads forever.

Anyone else seeing what it appears as an oversized Esc/Settings window?

I know the same thing happened when CCP rolled out the new Skill plan window and it got condensed a few days later. Just wanted to make sure CCP is aware of this.



That needs to changed to anything in inventory or anything in the ships inventory. My warehouse station is taking minutes to load the inventory tab.


I think we need to either start regular floggings of the Tranquility hamsters or increase their rations; they’re clearly not doing their job because gate jumping, docking and undocking has been lagged to h*ll and back today. In addition, jump commands routinely fail, ie: I’ll select a gate, click jump and the ship just sits there and doesn’t warp. Or it warps but fails to jump and just sits there at the jump gate.



Here is a thought, how about you chuckle heads disable the Capital ship hangar camera and animation in NPC stations. maybe that might mitigate or fix stuff. My game did not have any lag outside of the inventory window loading slowly instead of instantly until i decided to use a Charon tonight.

Can confirm this is also happening to me. I thought it was a memory leak issue but it is persistent.

I’m using the latest version of the MacOS client if that makes any difference to the Hamster Quality Control Team.


Not sure if it was intended but please fix the insane loading times of ship hangars/inventory upon docking so many people have been complaining about it since the update for sure thought it would be fixed overnight but guess not. It is easily x20 longer or more of a loading time for inventory/ship hangars now also I don’t even have that many ships.


I wonder if the new settings UI is too flabby and is causing all the issues by running in the background?

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And that’s what you get by keeping Sisi not accessible


The Air Career Program Objectives shows that I need to complete mission 1 of the Explorer Career Agent; it shows 1/1 Completed and that I need to talk to the agent, but upon talking to him he says that the quest is promised to another pilot already.

I have also completed all Explorer Career Agent missions.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.19.51

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if its not the original managment/owners, & or no or little to no personal interest in it from within the firm,
as for talk about phone, gutting & stripping games comes under reducing operational cost the more they can do of this without biting into profit too much then thy kingdom come it will be done, or they’re not a real corporation otherwise & if they’re not a real corp otherwise then they’d likely be gobbled up by one that is

Game gets really laggy and barely unplayble after a while. Rebooting fixes it for like an hour or 2 but then it becomes really laggy again… Never had this issue before, and i have a Nasa computer.


Why oh why are you making us track all missions offered rather than just the ones accepted. I do not wnat all that rubbish clogging my screen.


I politely but firmly request an immediate fix to the bug with the drastically reduced standing gains for completing missions from agents. Absolutely nowhere in the Havoc: Expansion Notes is there any mention of changing the amount of standing gains with NPC corporations/factions for completing missions.

Normally, for completing the lvl 4 security mission Guristas Extravaganza, having the Social skill at level V, I received + 0.41 standing until a few days ago. Now for the same mission I get +0.001.

Evidently there is some sort of bug going on after the Havoc expansion hit server Tranquility. An error that needs immediate repair from CCP.


Yep, also happening to me [also macOS] - jumping especially lags very badly, it seems to get worse the more jumps you do.


It was pretty bad late yesterday for me [macOS], but seems better today (fingers crossed).
*Addendum: Spoke to soon - still doing funky things whenever I try to jump through a gate.

I too noticed the NPC station jumping while trying to dock.

you can use the settings… left pop out menu, and eliminate various type from showing in the opportunity window.

Possible grouped turret bug.

Twice since update I have had grouped turrets stop firing together. Only one in the group fires.

You have to ungroup and regroup them to fix it.

First time few times, I was in a Catalyst and I didn’t notice it was happening until I watched the damage closely.

Second time, in a Thorax and the drone damage hid the single turret firing. Got me killed in a Abyssal.

I’m only a few weeks back from a very long break and did not have this issue until today.

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